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The Columbus education association says a conceptual agreements been reached on a new contract with the district at a rally in Cincinnati last night president trump defended his latest move to impose tariffs on goods imported from China pour money into their system they pour it in and because they do that you're not paying for those hours China is praying for those hours trump announced on Twitter earlier in the day he was applying a ten cent terror a ten percent tariff on three hundred billion dollars of products coming from China he said some other world leaders hoping former vice president Joe Biden wins the presidency next year experts say the president held back in Thursday's rally the present almost seemed a little careful to avoid some of those subjects and slid into controversy and took over the narrative the president didn't go after the squad saying that the Democratic Party is now being led by four left bring radicals who reject everything we hold dear he did not mention representative L. Han Omar and did not spark the chance send her back he talked about wasted money in inner cities but did not go after Elijah Cummings or Baltimore he wasted no time however getting after Democrats who are vying for his job the president did have some strong words for China he said the nation has taken billions from our economy and stole an intellectual property until China has a deal with the U. S. he's going to tax the hell out of a man's fox's Mike Tobin in Cincinnati for the Democrats high Democratic Party chair David peppers as a president can't keep a promise so at the end of the day no matter what you think about this president his objections statements about people of color his Twitter tirades Donald Trump whatever those issues in there so many we could talk about Donald Trump has made big promises to the people of Ohio any is broken nearly every single one pepper claims trump has failed to keep his promise to rebuild America's infrastructure to protect auto jobs in the Mahoning valley and protect people with pre existing medical conditions the labor department releases its July jobs report this morning ABC stereo all bring our Aston expert what he thinks it'll say economists are predicting employers will at about a hundred fifty thousand jobs in July down a little from recent months we know the U. S. economy is seeing slowing growth the question is how much is it slowing and how much is that affecting the job mark Bankrate's Washington bureau chief for camera seeing some pockets of weakness in areas like construction manufacturing and of course in retail is expecting the jobless rate to stay around three point seven percent Terry Alden or ABC news scary moment for an uber driver on I. seventy one Thursday when a piece of concrete fell from an overpass here Jim and I place instructors windshield ABC six by magic talked to Steven Shelley about it dot says bridge inspectors removed any additional loose concrete and determined there's no structural damage to the bridge just cosmetic same can be said for Shelly's car he was able to drive it home but a smashed window and large dent means this super driver will be making money anytime soon I'm out of business I'm out of business for who knows how long the concrete came from the east bell road overpass and two lanes of I..

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