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Anything else in your hike list you wanted to talk about other ways will move on to your next category. So my next category is kind of water based. You might not think that you can do a lot of rafting or kayaking within the area of the park, but you can. The Merced river, the power of the Merced river really, is kind of diluted as it gets along the valley floor. So it can at times be a nice little lazy river. There are places that you can swim in the river and take a dip. There are designated beaches where the park service has determined that within periods of time that it's safe to get in there. You can also enjoy a float. You can bring your own raft or rent one at one of the activity kiosks in curry and Yosemite villages. Also, I think you can rent rafts at the awani hotel or Yosemite valley lodge as well. Okay. And then if you've got a kayak or you're renting a kayak from an outfitter outside the park, you I think most of the lakes in the park definitely not hetch hetchy, but I think most of the rest do open to paddlers as long as you have your personal flotation device with you. Okay. And then fishing, you can fish, wow, just about anybody of water and Yosemite you can fish in. They've got non native trout among other species, lakes are open to year round fishing, but casting on streams and rivers is only allowed from probably around late April to about mid November and you do have to have a fishing license. Okay. And then one of the things I mentioned earlier about the reservation system and trying to avoid having to reserve by either coming in earlier staying late, one of the benefits to staying late. If you're not sleeping in the park by camping or staying in one of the lodges, coming in late is a really great time, first of all, to avoid all the people. But also just spending some evening hours in the valley, it just gives you this feeling of like a big dark blanket being pulled over. And when it's a clear night and you look up, you can see the universe. And it's not the only spot in the park, of course, any lakeside or peak top spot will give you the same incredible show, but I think a lot of people are starting to pay more attention to nighttime in national parks, especially the ones where you have really great dark sky viewing. Right. And I don't know if there are any ranger programs that there used to be when I was a kid that will help you find the constellations or things like that, but that would be something to check. So the pandemic has kind of trashed ranger programs, but they are slowly starting to come back. And the really the best way to find out beforehand is through the NPS Yosemite site, they list all the events and activities, or when you're in the park, certainly any of the ranger headquarters will have information. They have, I think, like a quarterly or biannual little schedule and newspaper that you can get when you get into the park to see what's going on. Okay. I think that was fishing. Did you have another category? I think my categories. I mean, there are a lot of categories, but I think that's a pretty solid stretch of opportunities..

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