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Wendell Smallwood half point PR. Wow, I will have co l. ranked tire having said that coral play Christmas practice the last two days, you know, he, he touched the ball so much last week as it just sort of some kind of veteran rest. We won't really know till tomorrow. We haven't heard much about this why he's missing time. So if you wanna play it safe, if you don't really have any other options start small with tonight because there's a chance crow missus game. I don't think he does. We'll know more tomorrow if he doesn't practice tomorrow, then it's time to hit the panic button. But so it just sorta depends on what other options you have. You don't play small which night, but I will. I do have well ranked higher than Smallwood. All right. I'm going to do exactly what I said. Nobody else should do. I can play two of these three guys hosts perogatives Niamh Hines, buck gallon, Davin cook. Naim Hinds buck. Alan in Davin cook. Yes. Another way of saying, I'm waiting for levian bell to play. Sure. Sure. Sure. Well, I'm definitely I'm definitely starting Hines who has a really good match up with the jets team. They're really struggles against pass catching running back. So you're definitely starting Hines and then it's it's Alvin cook and who else suck. Allen a buck Allen, I think of Dalvand cook is active. I think he probably got a play him and then although, you know, I wouldn't feel great about it. It's it's not not the greatest match, but to me, I think buck and who splitting time who who's splitting time with Alex Collins. That's also a a tough match-up against the titans as well. So if Dublin cooks active, that's what you're doing and definitely start Heinz. Greg, no, my screens not working here, so. Okay. Do you do you have? Okay. Can I press the button going press the button. Yeah, John in Santa Monica. John Buron with the talented Mr. rota, which question? Awesome a, should I start Robbie Anderson from the jets or Tyler Boyd for the Bengals in my p p r league is my flex. Yeah, I'm starting Tyler Boyd who's just been absolutely terrific. You know, the expectation here is that we'll see Joe Hayden on AJ green quite a bit. And so Tyler Boyd who made my loveless this week Steelers really struggle in in terms of defending the slot, which is where Tyler Boyd plays the majority of snaps. I think Todd has really good game. That's what I want. All right. Oscar in Pasadena. Got aspirin. I got PBR and I'm torn between Jordan Howard or Amari Cooper. I'm Joe. I'm going with Jordan. Howard. I am look. Amari Cooper is so hit or miss. That's the problem here. My expectation is that this is a big Jordan Howard game against Miami that actually it's a pretty good secondary, but struggles against the run. So on the road in Miami, I think Howard gets a heavy workload. I prefer him Matt and sandy Mus. Go ahead, Matt, it feels good to get to task to a question. Notice in here Mr.. Beringer question. Had the task. If you drop Lamar Miller, I'm in a standard score leak. It's he worth a pickup for the rest of the year and dropping around him out. That was in I, I'll have what he said. I mean, listen, I, I, I appreciate the enthusiasm for fantasy football and one portly Lamar Miller. I don't think anyone's ever been that excited about Lamar Miller. But yeah, I mean, it depends on sort of the size your league and everything like that. I'm not the biggest Lamar Miller fan, but that's his job. I certainly would love to roster Deontay foreman. He's going to be back soon. We'll see how you respond to that. You know the achilles injury that has kept him out for a while, but given how deep wide receiver is this year and how shallow running back is Lamar Miller is the guy when he's healthy in Houston. So I would prefer them on military and certainly worth a pickup. Yes. All right. And have a great day. Rhodri partner ever going to. All right. Rb two half point p p r league Smallwood or Chris Thompson. Another one. That's it's just it's very similar to Brian's question here because obviously small one playing tonight. Chris Thompson got really banged up traveling on the shorter week. Obviously, we saw him Monday night..

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