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The one commodity Mongolia is trying not to sell live from London. This is the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service. I'm anew on good morning. Turkey has raised tariffs on US goods in response to President. Trump's metal duties issued last week over Turkey's detention of American priest on espionage charges, Ankara seemingly made a point overnight as it released to Greek soldiers, but not the American. This Turkish shopkeeper supports the moves. Chief called for a boycott of US products. Shopkeepers, we fully support the decision. We will support him until the end logistic news. The BBC, Celine Garrett in Istanbul, explains what US goods Turkey is targeting earlier today. Turkey doubled tariffs on US imports, including cars, alcohol. Tobacco was medics rice and call. The vice president tweeted. The import duties were increasing these products under the principle of reciprocity in response to the US administrations, deliberate attacks on Turkish economy. Now, this is a sensually at its heart political. It's a dispute over the American pastor that Turkey's detained any further information, and he sign he might even be released. Well, actually his lawyer earlier this week had appealed for his release from house arrest and for his travel ban to be lifted so he could go back home. But this morning, a court in Turkey has rejected that appeal. But of course, an. Upper chord a has the right to look into that appeal as well. So there is that possibility that within the next week or so he could be released and that could ease the relations between Turkey and Washington. Now, what's the mood? Because a lot of people are saying that Turkey itself is headed for recession in the streets of stumbled. Darren cues. People aren't queuing for gas or food or anything. But when you just walk past an exchange office, for instance, you see everyone glancing at the latest numbers with some kind of worry after the central Bank intervened earlier this week, the lira actually gained some value and this morning as well. We saw a rise in the value of Turkish lira after Turkey decided to free the two Greek soldiers who were arrested earlier this year, and that actually is a sign that Turkey is causing up to its European Union allies because of this rift with Washington and the fact that for instance, German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying, turkeys. Economy's very important, and we want to strong Turkish economy is echoing in Turkish circles. And so people are feeling a bit more relieved Lynn, Garrett there a Turkish presidential spokesperson said this, our problems with the US are expected to be resolved, but Washington should stop trying to influence Turkey's judiciary. Let's do the numbers. Despite those tensions, the Turkish lira is climbing for the second day in a row. It's still down nearly forty percent this year, though. Sharp falls in the share price of Asian video game makers than ten does square and ten cent amid worries of China's failure to grant new product licences Beijing. Earlier this year, reorganized the government body overseeing the sector. Now, remember that chummy North Korean summit will today South Korea's president said he'll follow up by connecting his roads and railways to North Korea. By the end of the year, the BBC's Laura bicker is insult. This is an ambitious plan and Embiid versus time line. This would require permission from the. United States and the United Nations has North Korea's currently under strict economic sanctions. The South Korean leader also proposed the creation of an East Asian railroad community involving North Korea. The US, China, Japan, Russia, and Mongolia. President moons high approval ratings have slipped in recent months. As economic growth appears to slow his message today was that his drive for peace with North Korea will improve his country's prospects, Laura bicker. Mongolia is rich in copper, coal, and gold, and one prehistoric commodity. It struggling to keep off the open market. The BBC's Joshua Thorpe reports. The flaming cliffs an area where the flat land of the Gobi suddenly breaks out to sort of Kenyan it was here in the mountain twenties. The American sprinter ROY Chapman Andrews found the first dinosaur fossils now pretty basic tourist sites. But it's also here that lutist come to dig for dinosaurs. In a count of sand. The local park ranger Surin jut mooks can the rise on I made to bike is her job to police the area and prevent looters from illegally digging and removing dinosaur bones..

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