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Get off my ditch have me my dictate everybody. What did you wear over there for the for the buzz burger and i was very very comfortable. You know i had like just a nice t shirt on some sweatpants. They were gray. Sweatpants relaxing just sweatpants. Like the easy to rip off like just like the rip the trying to what about when you got to her apartment like how. How did it go. I'm not a guy who dresses. Well they make fun. I don't. I'm just looking. You got those jeans shorts on you got some. You've got black sneakers with those black socks to the sneakers hipster hipster. You would know who silverlake. Let me see with your hat off. No it's not good right now. This hat on all day. I do here. And he's a nice guy like cow's catch appreciate that he would. She's cute with the videos. Like all my video of come fly so not overly tall. No no super good money with the camera. Bees with the camera. I'm gonna put all this on my profile moustache from the nose you val kilmer right So there's a couple of inches of your face. It looks like val kilmer when he in his prime awesome go. The cost is ryan gosling short. Don't know he's huge about my height. But you got you gotta think about handsome devil So you're back on. Tinder delayed. Get down man. Oh sweet pride. That night you're swiping. And i thought hinge was the one i call hinge bands because everyone's.

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