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A year endangered salmon, we'll see new protections after the EPA in Washington state agreed to settle a lawsuit. Brought by environmental advocates and five trade. Groups of internet service providers are suing Vermont's governor over the states net neutrality regulations. Vermont one of four states that have barred ISP's from slowing web traffic after the FCC scrapped net neutrality rules, Bloomberg law. Everything you need all on one legal research platform, including guidance analysis and Bloomberg market intelligence. Find out more at bloomberglaw dot com. Now, another Legal News. Let's look at the Trump administration's new ultimatum for the ninth circuit court of appeals. The White House tells the California based court must rule on DACA before the end of the month or the administration will take the case back to the supreme court for more on this development. Bloomberg's June Grasso speaks at Leon fresco partner at Holland and Knight and former deputy assistant attorney general for the office of immigration that Gatien at the US department of Justice civil division. Leon how unusual is it for the administration to write a letter to an appeals court warning the judges to issue a decision or else? Well, it is extremely unusual for the last time. I remember this happening the Texas, litigation when the President Obama at that time wanted to do the deferred action for the parents of the US citizens and Kate for being held up by the similar concept was was employed, which is to tell the lower court. Hey, the supreme court term is from my over to June. And if you don't let us get an argument soon, then we'll have to wait 'til next October to start again in order to get a decision in June. Then that's why they're they have the center for the year. So the ninth circuit has ruled against Trump on the travel ban and his proposed ban on transgender soldiers and the military is the government and -ticipant the ninth circuit is going to rule against it on DACA is that why it's so concerned about getting the case to supreme court. Correct. They believe that based on the way the oral argument when and based on past immigration decision from the judges on that three judge panel of the DACA case that they believe that. There's no doubt about that. Case is going to go against the government. And they want to move it to a court where they knew they have a more likely favorable outcome here and also the sort of get this DACA issue within the court to resolve. So they can return it back to congress..

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