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Fuck did you Talev? He's doing ten minutes. Stands dying, and now he's dying. I think that was the last time I was here. Does it count as a sugar mom if you met her at Kohl's To, be fair, he had shorts and the shirt well, at least were shorts. Could we ever? We is anyone ever at that point were you could wear a shirt short combo like that match like you know when you you know when the when the black NBA ballers reunited with his biological father. He's wearing the collared shirt that matches like he's got the burnt orange shirt that matches the burnt orange. Onesie worry like is wearing tasseled loafers shoes as well like I could never pull that shit off. Tommy. hearns used to wear full suits with shorts and they match like he cut his slacks and looks ridiculous but it was Thomas but. Hers was such a devastating knockout artists as a boxer. That there were like Thomas hearns started his career as the motor city. Cobra. He was the Motor City Cobra. About halfway into his career, like one nickname isn't good enough for you Tom. We need Tommy the Hitman hearns so he was literally. He was M- Tommy, the motor, city, Cobra hearns because he was from Detroit, any punch like a fucking Cobra, and then he went to Thomas the Hitman hearns and the very I joke. I ever told on radio. Was I was working so the way I got into radio is I was Jimmy Kimmel's boxing coach on k rock in Los Angeles. So I was working as a boxing coach in Los Angeles that white collar boxing plays and there is a morning zoo type. Of. Ever told. Thing. I know a little bit about this. This was like a morning zoo type thing where. Jimmy the sports guy who is Jimmy Kimmel was gonNA fight. Michael. The Maintenance Man on K rock. For as a morning show stunt. And they're like, we need boxing trainers and I was working as a boxing trainer and a carpenter I'll train one of them to box and I kept calling the radio station the morning show and eventually I showed up and I became Jimmy's boxing coach and they were putting me on the air some I'm looking at you John Because you get how this goes. You interview the trainer a week before the five like how's the progress of above? But I was a budding comedian who was a boxing coach. So I was like, how do I be funny doing this morning radio show and actually be like a legitimate boxing coach. The I joke I ever told on the radio was in nineteen, ninety four. It was probably about may nineteen ninety-four right before the boxing match and Kevin, and bean said, we need to interview the coaches and see how the progress is gone and so they were asking me about Jimmy like house the prior now I didn't even care if I got Jimmy or or Michael the maintenance man but I got Jimmy and they said How's it going? I said well, it's going good I said. We're looking for a nickname. You know because you need a good nickname if you're going to be a boxer and I was thinking. Jimmy. He's Italian so like the Italian torn. Or something like that, and then he's from Brooklyn so I think like maybe, Brooklyn assassin. Toying around with that idea but after seeing him are. We just we just went with Jim..

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