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I mean, yeah, he's a strong defensive presence whose previous stint with teams mean he has strong older brother type relationships with the number of Washington's players. But also, well fixing the wizards is a lot to ask just look at the way. This trade went down. It was originally supposed to be three team deal that also involved Memphis with Washington GM, Ernie Grunfeld as the go between, but the whole thing ridiculously hilariously broke down. When according to our Agent Orange now ski, quote, the grizzlies and Suns insisted each had been double crossed unquote because Memphis believed the deal included. Marshon Brooks who looks like this. And the sun's thought it included. Dillon Brooks who looks like that NBA Twitter, of course, had a field day with all of those culminating in this from Dillon Brooks, which is amazing. And I mean, I gotta hand it to the wizards here because the sons have spent the past few seasons as the NBA most prominent hold my beer franchise, and yet somehow wall negotiating with them. Washington. Outdid them by Saturday things were Mercifully cleaned up. And now Phoenix can go forward and fully embrace another season playing for a high draft pick and the wizards can embrace. Well, clearly, they think they're still in it, which is why they acquired a Reza instead of trying to deal either, Bradley Beal or wall. Now, are they actually honestly I wouldn't dare to make a prediction about anything involving the wizards this weekend was a great example of why? So Mark, do you think that this shakeup this is what the wizards needed for this season? Or is it just another story line for wall in order DC in two thousand fourteen in a gun in Paul Pierce? They did very well. And I thought he was a great influence on that team. I thought he got the best. Test out of wall out of Bill and was a veteran presence that they need it. Now, they're a little older, they're not the young wizards anymore young stars anymore. But I think reason could have that same kind of influence on them as well as giving them a veteran guy that could tell him to shut up and play hit a three get back. I just think he could bring a lot of intangibles at Paul Pierce. Brought that was successful for. Yeah. I think if you look at it this way, the case for the trade makes sense Uber and rivers aren't in their long term plans. So you trade guys who are on essentially last year for another guys will last year one who by the way had his best offensive season as an MBA Perot in Washington playing with the back court of wall and Beal, and if you can bring the chemistry issues there from Defcon one to a Defcon three stabilize it in the east. You're never more than a couple of good weeks away. Right. Must six. So. I mean, look if Puerto comeback healthy Bomba two or three I don't wanna face wall. Bill, Reza porter and whomever. I mean, that's why. Potentially. You look at me like that. As president you behave. Still the presidency. Look, I don't think it's the magic bullet. I think they're delusional. You think they're gonna be contenders? But I do think it stabilizes unstable situations. I keep saying about the timber wolves who have to Maxence players the wizards to Allstars they are luxury tax team again as you just mentioned they have good role players. This is a team that should not just be in the playoffs. It's not some big surprise rebound. If they make the playoffs. It's getting back to the mean if they make the playoffs the question is can they contend and in the east? We thought anybody would have the shot to contend those top five or six teams, and they kind of separated themselves down. But maybe maybe this'll be what works. He's been in most disappointing franchise an MBA probably last couple of years. Right. And I know aren't they close to your heart a little bit? I I grew up in DC, and you can't add the last couple of years as the end of that sense. You really just put the period earlier and that sentence, but Schork go ahead. But you know, kudos to a reason because he went and got Phoenix to give them some money. Then Trey got traded to. I mean, not a super team. But a team is pretty good. Hopefully be in the play..

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