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To operate the missile defense system will acquire secret information from the jets aired on says the belated US offer still isn't as good as the Russian deal. Peter Kenyon, NPR news is STAN Bill, and you're listening to NPR news. Taiwan's president is using the thirtieth anniversary of the brutal crackdown on pro democracy protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to criticize China and Facebook post today time, wind said China has no intention of reflecting on what happened and plans to continue to cover up the truth. China has never released a full death toll but estimates range from several hundred to several thousand as part of President Trump's state visit to the UK. He'll take part in Britain's d day ceremony tomorrow in Portsmouth. That's where the invasion of Normandy was launched Trump will then travel to France. For more commemorations reporter Jake's again, rose in France. He met with a group of young history. Buffs from Denmark, today, who say they've come to honor the sacrifice of American troops, seventy five years ago. The group of twentysomethings dressed in US, GI, uniforms, from World War, Two were smoking in the street and Baio. But they were not Americans away from Denmark, and like every night, getting will living history group, portraying us servicemen a serviceman bus during the second, we'll well in Europe Magnus hill said they were wowed by the heroism of Americans because the Nazis conquered Denmark, very quickly, it gets rid of just about honoring the men that helped liberating Europe from the Nazis, especially because we were occupied by the Germans in nineteen forty and yeah. Grateful will make in Europe. The way it is today. They said they hoped to meet some of the US veterans. They admire so much for NPR news. I'm Jake's again, or in by you, France and I'm Joel Snyder. This is NPR news from Washington. Support for NPR comes from the Kauffman foundation, working together with communities in education and entrepreneurship to create uncommon solutions, and empower people to shape their lives and be more successful. More online at Kaufman dot org..

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