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Station news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA during his corona virus update tonight president Donald Trump praised the way governor Ron DeSantis is handling the corona virus in Florida he had a state and has a state which you know obviously a lot less problems is Florida's been doing really well in the sense of the testing the testing has shown much better results trump added he has tremendous confidence in governor to status and that the governor will get it all resolved governor Disentis now wants to monitor drivers coming into the state from Louisiana he plans to use the Florida highway patrol to set up checkpoints along main roads and interstates to make sure travelers don't have the corona virus the Florida department of health confirms tonight that there are three thousand one hundred ninety eight cases of coronavirus in Florida and forty six deaths with Florida's news I'm John Conrad from the Florida central credit union hall months traffic center and it not seeing any major problems right now if you are headed down to seventy five but on the Howard Frankland bridge heading north bound we got a little bit of delays just after four street and we've got on seventy five north bound at the Salman there is an accident and watch for delays on Florida Avenue just north of Fletcher Avenue due to a crash the right lane is blocked Alex ruski newsradio WFLA looks like a warm evening forest temperatures low eighties under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies sixty nine degrees to start the.

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