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And then the first thing I wrote was plays because plays writing dialogue, seemed easier than writing anything else. So I thought that was significant that the first thing I would write was just how you say in speak things now feels like probably natural for children to ride dialogue rather than writing like fiction or nonfiction, typing typewriter writing things that you and your friends perform or they just for you or Oh, I I had had no friends. friends. So So. me just me and I would show it to my mom and dad. So I was really raised with this idea of like, how do I please? Mom and dad hydro please mom and dad. So I'd write things that I thought they would think was funny. So the first thing I remember writing, I think my dad's still has a somewhere. Was a comedy play about a haunted house. And I remember when people ask for the reason I've done so many interviews people. I was like, what was your first jokes that you wrote? And I think the I joke I wrote was in this play where a mummy said, a mummy who was living in the haunted, has a witch amount of empire lived in the haunted house, and the mummy turned vampire in his like, I don't know what the taxes are for this haunted house. I don't even think I really understood what taxes were, but it seemed like a grownup term. So that was probably the first I got a sense of the structure of a joke was a comment on a saying that these two people are talking doesn't related to haunted house like taxes, the hunt house, weird thing to join together. She already had that sense of a joke doesn't belong, and I see adult griping about things that they seem to think as funny as you know in in relatable is or just that my parents would about that. So that was the first thing. And I just more than writing though I just read, I think that you'll find that most writers Alec I have a six month old baby, so I. I don't read as much now, but almost everyone I know who is a screenwriter TV writer read so much as a child, and it wasn't like classy books that read through all the hardy boys all the baby sitters club, pamphlets magazines, you know like anything that would come come because I wasn't really allowed to do anything else, and I wasn't good at sports, so obsessively or to, and you know. So if I was in the bathroom, I would have to have some into read. So we'd like the back of shampoo bottles or every time we were in the car, I was reading. And so when I finally got my driver's license, I had no idea where anything was because I had never really looked out the window car just I'm just reading a book again at a gun actually get worried because I think that the desire to read would be so replaced so easily with looking at a phone. So I with my daughter, I have to get her and I'm so out of it that I don't even know. Do kids read books anymore. Do they rate on their ipads? I have no idea. The do still read books and kids. There's this whole moving towards kindles and stuff like that. But like my daughter still. I fiscal books, she's thirteen. So there's that they still will read, but it's really true that they are drawn their phone that that boredom time where you would have picked up a book definitely pick up the phone and said, that's the challenge are gonna face is how to convince the Nikes worth the extra effort to grab the book rather than grabbing their phone. But the kinds of jokes are talking about. You must have been watching TV. You must have been watching some movies. Could a sense of people talking that rhythm or or was it all serving Lee bloomer TV you know, a lot of comedy guys. I'll read like, you know how fees, jet appetizers, what they did when their children, their parents, let them watch TV. And I wasn't allowed to watch TV until I think probably junior high. When I had kind of stabbed I wasn't a kid that was gonna do drugs or be a bad kid. I, we never had cable all through high school..

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