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Obviously you've been able to see won his last race by three and a half lengths. He ran second behind good steaks level. Dirt horse in his second career start in his maiden win was a nice win in. Its own right so i like that. He is consistent You know you may you may say to me. Well why don't you go to mass parade. the other eight to one horse in the morning line. Who won by eleven and three quarter lengths in his last race at churchill downs I'm not gonna pick a horse off of one race. I'm not on some of the favorite horses in here. And that he's not gonna stay there because everybody's going to have that same idea on mass parade and also He's only got one win His other victory is maiden race was eraser he got pulled up after a very ticky tack disqualification. So i'm on ethical judgment in here. I'm gonna try to beat the favorites but if you're not trying to beat the favorites in you're looking to some the horses from the triple crown share that If you're more casual viewer force racing. You don't know some of the non horses from the derby trail derby trail horses in here. You certainly got some good value. The value horses in here. And i have a preview this over on youtube very good good field. So i'm obviously going on all these horses Definitely worth a watch to to try and find some things. But i'm hearts of the pop. Promise keeper always have been given him love his entire career on this podcast and no reason for me to go against them in this spot. I i think he has a chance to run huge. Even though he's the morning line favorite. I obviously in going with them. Now we're going to move onto the next race so there's a pair of stakes at belmont park this weekend. One of them's graded stakes. The mother goose stakes The other ones are very interested. listed state for three year old grass. Fillies we'll talk about the mother goose stakes first because that's the first of the two stage races on the belmont card. This really in all senses looks like a two horse race. I have a preview of this over on youtube. So i'm not gonna waste too much time saying anything more about this in my topic is clear and you can head over there to see why like clairiere as opposed to chad's horse in this race and i'm going to be on always chad chat brown silly just to really nice. Professional wins not against fields. I will say from that. That made victory. Africa seconds replaced answers. How come back to win but Nevertheless not not grading states caliber as of yet and then kind of the same deal with that allowance race. But you know the workout really good. She's been really strong and she just holds a tactical advantage over. Everybody else in here. I mean the one make mischief is turned into a really ultra consistent. philly from our cast in gary barber. She might going press but she's not a you know a type that's gonna go out and set the pace and then you have clear and ilia gami who are two very talented phillies clear at a much higher level of a talented paints compromised in chicago. Who is She likes to stock and just has put into really poor efforts as tough. I mean that's that's the whole guilty right. There always was in tones. Most of cards Inflating proud aboard. He's very very strong Writer when it comes to detaining pace in and all those good things. So i just think she. I don't know i don't really think she's the best source on talent and here baking. She holds all the advantages. And now we're gonna move onto the next race On the card. Which is the one hundred thousand dollars that i was talking about. It's the wild applause stakes as mile. Four three year old fillies and this is a rather interesting group of horses. there's this race You know as both of us will say is kind of all over the place. And i think it's going to be a very fun. Betting race You know if you are betting belmont park this weekend. This there's probably going to be a lot of different options to go with. An i was tossing around a few horses In here chad scott. His pair christoph clermont has a pair of horses in here as well. All those horses looked like they have some promise and then built not Is in here with a called love struck who has not run since to tap in stakes but she was two for two as a two year old. So that's a good sign for her. I normally don't like to pick horses off of layoffs. That are that long. I'm not going to change my principal here. But i would say that going forward. She could be one. That is very interesting when when she gets more runs underneath her. But i am going to go to one of christoph clermont sources by. Who's coming out of a win in the soaring softly steaks on the fifteenth of june at belmont park. She's two for two. Her first career start was on the dirt. So i'm not really reading too much into that. She's undefeated streak. She's gotten on the grass and she's got a great steaks went underneath her. So that's a positive for me as well and she also beat invincible. Gal who is in this race in one of chad's horses in here so i'm going to go with with her in here and hopefully that hope that the chat entry takes a little bit more money but Bye-bye certainly going to be rather well veterans race. This raises a dartboard race for me. I mean i truly think every single or in has a chance. Even you know thirty to one longshot. Always late who had two bad runs in a row but those were against tougher in an ideal circumstances in one of those races on dirt. Pick choose pretty strong in her. Two wins and goal at gulfstream earlier this year. I'm not thinking her. But just just you know relating how of the field this is. I end to horse that. He's a bit of a price though on the morning. Line in the eight. Sussex garden a rance last august. Obviously a big concern but at the same time trainer delacour so so good with horses first off the plane from europe. That's where she's been before this on over there. She was excellent broker maiden against very stronger. A couple phillies for aid. No brian or behind her have gone on to do two things and then her second start was a group three at niece Almost a year ago to the july fourth actually so just a week or two off and she didn't four links with a winner that raced mother earth went onto win. That thousand guineas this year so have company last year was over very soft going. How a weird trip was on the wrong part. Attracting go well. But he has a lot of town array. You'll so wide open. Why not take shot with a with a horse. He's trained by somebody who's you know has has a retirement his element. He loves these scenarios a great turf writer joint peru and your solid she. Has you know two three or four works from near the she's been working consistently for about two two and a half months now on an tab doesn't even look that bad either so taking a shot here because i have a lot of faith in these connections in this is a.

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