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Certainly we don't know that this specific thing that cell phone breaks NFL team meetings. That study obviously has been on that improvement because something has been proven doesn't mean it won't be affective the Christmas point, this is a little chip Kelly ask where you're gonna show everybody. How innovative you are? And how are you going to change league? And how the ideas that you bring in our so revolutionary that nobody's gonna ever catch up with. I don't think it's as extreme as chip Kelly was, but if you do think, it's a good idea. Why shared with anybody to me the value in ideas are to give you a competitive edge? So the second you start putting it out there. I think then it becomes an issue. And I'd say the other part of this. Once you promise people, something it's hard to go back and till you've been through an NFL schedule. As a head coach, you may not want to build in those twenty minute breaks every single time. There's times where you may have to thirty minutes or forty minutes. And it's just it's just the way it is. I'm not saying it's the peak of efficiency. But when you promise it, it's harder to take is no environment. Like an NFL locker you bring up a how do I get them corral back in because there is a lot of horse play in an NFL locker. I'm every crazy game every invention. Everything. I mean, if you give a guy a break, they will be going man, we can go play three hands cards like we can go like this types of things these guys do. So sometimes I think the people Google working with is not the case. Working with. A young coach. You're you're the one that gets sent. Now he wanted to do was a head coach with young coach. You gotta go into lock guys. Oh, it's it's it's painful at times getting back in the room. We're all in namrd by the next new young bright wide coach in the NFL. And whatever ideas are ideal that come along with him. I think we we loved would Sean McVeigh did last year. And so it almost as if whatever the next new guy has come oh that's going to be the new shiny thing. And it's most likely gonna work, and there's seemingly there's this more open policy to talk about it. When you see Sean McVay talk. We're gonna open the offense. We're gonna do this. Maybe that's laid down the groundwork for. All his experience has been basically in pro football. He's been born and raised in pro football raised on NFL sideline raising NFL locker room and the things that he's doing. They're not new coaches out there doing most of the stuff. He's learned in the league since he's been in the league. Now, he put a different spin on it. But Cal Shanahan another one of those up and coming on guy. He do what is dad a lot of the same stuff. That is dad did. So this is not something that someone is done. So Sean McVeigh younger than him. There are new fresh spins on old things. So that's what Sean McVay and what I've seen with him more in Los Angeles compared to what people think just because he's young every idea that he has is not a new one, and it should be noted. Kevin Clarke wrote in the Wall Street Journal in two thousand fifteen that Jim Thome Soule and his first year with the Niners. I know that didn't go. Well, he did the exact same thing. They had it was cell phone breaks. It just wasn't a big story because. Maybe he's not as wasn't as interesting. It's clip Kingsbury. There wasn't Cuyler Murray's discussion around the cardinals this year, the Jin. My overarching theme of this is innovation can work and new I just because it's the way it's always been done. Doesn't mean. It's the right way. Now having to deal with people that are, but it's the way I've always done it. And it's the way I'm comfortable that is a real thing. And that is a real hurdle to get over, and whether or not there is going to be a perceived arrogance of, hey, I'm the new guy who's got fired from tech..

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