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Steve one project. Sweet. Got my first interview for cleaning lady. Everybody. Welcome to the Steve warned project. Episode Twenty-three, presented by faces magazines podcast about sports in whatever comedy really wanna get down to. Now is kind of a firm today by our addition to the laughable app, which features some of the best standup comedians in the world, not a ton of sport shows on there, but we serve both worlds. Big shout. Latest member of our show Christmas guy. He would love if you could join our growing patriotic membership. If you become a project member, you get in on some very cool benefits, including an invitation to see Jimmy and me do a live recording of the show in early may in the Ottawa area. If you've ever seen Jimmy live in action. He's a force of nature. Our jimmy. Well, I'm just reading some of the responses Steve got one from a buddy here. The pod was so solid today. Fucking laugh my bag off. When can we look forward to jungle starting to be late and Missy entire shows. I wondered that myself. I'm good Steve. I can hear my washing. Do some disavows work today. Steve will wonders never cease time to get out there do a little dusty and laundry doing some laundry. I'll tell you how I just I just I just walk around. My my house with a heavy pair of wool socks. Just sort of slide or long way skating. That's how I do my destiny. So I'm thinking of going for the cleaning lady, Steve, oh, I'm thinking taken applications for a housekeeper like a little cleaning lady. Oh, I thought you already had a cleaning lady and you're looking at busting a move on her. Well, no, I that. That's what I wanna do. So I want you know, I want to put the but the call out there for a cleaning lady. And then I'm gonna take -application maybe more like auditions Steve. So I don't know if this is over the top when I put it in there. So like, okay Nita cleanly, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, pay this whatever an hour week or two hours a week, whatever it takes. And then I put dot dot dot are you into inappropriate. Why do I think there's going to be a costume request involved in this ad? Well, whether whether they are not I just want to hear what their responses to that. I've ever tried that one on a date or anything are you into inappropriate not a bad one to throw out there Stevie. It's just a question raised a question. Yeah. The worst is going to happen is no. Right. Yeah. And the best the best that's going to happen for them is no. So are you living in squalor? Is that the issue here is that why that pops up so early in the show? Well, I just I I'd lay around my house. I don't do much in my house, you know, walk on the couch. I just go from the couch to the fridge. Back to the couch off to the computer. Do a podcast go lie down again. Stevie ambitious Dan love that. I'm really really busy. So my wife is fantastic like routinely eat crap off the floor because I know that it's fine because my house is so tidy all the time. If I drop food, I do not leave it for the cat to get. I mean at lea- scoop that up and confidently jammed in my world. That's okay. I do that too. That doesn't that doesn't doesn't freak me out at all. I do that. And the other one the other one I do because it saves me a can of food with the cats. Because this can happen from time to time that they'll begin to dry heave because they eat so fast. Sometimes so you'll hear them. You know that the cats it's backed up a little bit or it's choking on something. Well, it's probably gonna pound a for in there. It's got for in there for. From the dust. But then it'll puke back up. It's it's kinda food. You know, and I'm gonna can now get but then they'll eat their own barf. No good. Yeah. So it saves you having to lay down another Cana food another. Yourself cleaning cats best ever Stevie best ever. I've told this story before. Marty McSorley rookie camp. You know, all these rookies came in the camp when Marty was there, and he's the governor. Of course, renown is one of the toughest guys in the league. And all these rookies would come in wide. I think and okay enough to take on Marty in training camp is back in the days Steve Wynn when rookies fought in training camp, you remember those days jor great highlights from training camp because guys drop their gums and fight their way onto the team when fighting was alive, and well, and Marty would go into the dressing and say, oh, you're tough eight fellas you think you're going to take me on and he puked this is one of his moves. He puked at the feet of one of the guys. And then he he went in there grabbed a little chunk of food aid. It. Does your tough guys that tough? Is that a barometer of toughness? That's just a barometer of being gross. Isn't it? Are you kidding me? That is. So the other one did our is tough. That's so tough the other one. He did. Fuck he's gonna shoot me for telling the story, but it's fest ever is. He looked at both of the players, right? And he took a whiz up into the air. Into the air straight up into the air. And then and then moved his way underneath it. And let a bit of it fall into his mouth. And said and then spit it out at the feet of the guy again. Tough. Are you Steve are you there? I I'm totally here. I've got my job wide open the Intel that story, and you're now going to hear about it from Marty McSorley, but be I would suggest that that's not necessarily again, the best barometer of toughness, only that you're really really gross. Steve, look, are you kidding me? Look at it this way, say you, and I say you, and I were were fighting over what we should have on the show. We're we're face to face. And I'm going we got to do more of this. You say I gotta do this. We got to do that. We've got to do that. I don't wanna fucking do that. Right. And I go, okay. Listen, Steve who's going to get their way here. Barf on your feet and the Nita Trump to the barf you're going like this. Okay. Matt where he will. Woo. Yeah. Yeah. This guy's fucking crazy. Yeah. And then I got the backup of drinking my own P up from the air. If I have to. Just to just as I don't think any of those things are a barometer of toughness. Also don't think they're a barometer for good problem solving either. I'm very confused right now. What would you do if I wanted to get my way? And you wanted your way I would I would those are a couple of moves that are that are one hundred percent guaranteed for the backup a couple of chevrons ago. Okay. This guy's not my wife and idea in the weekdays here now in the middle of the NHL playoffs were consistently having arguments over who get I wanna watch Stanley Cup playoffs, and she wants to watch criminal minds or something. So shall I put this forward as a new way to settle the issue? What is the matter with you, really? I mean, that's terrible. Give it a whirl. I'll do nothing of the kind. But I will tell you that faces magazine I'll do nothing of the kind. I will I'll do nothing of the kind. I will tell you faces magazine is our title sponsor auto is premier magazine, showcasing the people place. Events that make with such a world class city. The cover story in the upcoming may issue is on send defenseman Thomas Shibat check, the current issue and even browse through some past issues as well at faces MAG dossier and life is busy with the folks Jim K Ford are here to help with the new ad home. Test drive book your at home test drive today at Jim k four dot com. Here's how I see it. If you need a new vehicle, and you love our show, why not support the guys who support us. Jim

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