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Luck. We really want you to succeed. Seeyou Boulder spokeswoman Melanie Part Thanks so much. You're very welcome. Have a great day. Eight o'clock the news right around the corner, but first traffic with John Morrison. I'm seeing a little bit of good news. Eastbound I seventies re opened up in the high country. There was a crash on the east side of the tunnels. And so they closed it after Silverthorne heading up the oaks. They don't want you to stop in the tunnel. But that is all re open. I'm seeing a slow spot in your drive south on I 25 after large for in the Gap project. Haven't heard of an accident in there, but it's kind of a looks like feels like seems like a good deal. I would think there's atleast a stall in your way. I'll check it out for you. Your drive this morning sound found 2 to 5, heavy from Parker wrote us back that upto ill If I lift down to the tech center south bound to 25 heavy your six to have you drive heavy right there, and I 25 heading eastbound. I 25 started jam up now, not only between I 70 and spear but also around university is more traffic. It's that stretch of road. Ah lot of traffic on that. Commerce City drive. So your westbound I 76 drive heavy from 88th both sides of 2 70 loaded up and westbound on I 76 days heavy right around federal making away out to Sheraton and over toward the Arvada area. This report is sponsored by the Colorado Department. Transportation. Hey, Denver commuters is a friendly more reminder from si dot tolling started today. Copy says mid August, But two started today for the newly open Sea for seven express lanes between Wadsworth and I 25 to learn more visit Express lanes dot C o d o t dot gov I'm John Moores. Ian Kay away News Radio live everywhere in the eye, Hard radio app. Stayaway news Radio 8:50, A.m. and 90 For one Voice of Colorado live everywhere on the I. Heart Radio, ABS news radio time 802 April and Chuck with you. Marty's on vacation. It's currently 70 on our way to a high near 100 today. We'll cool it slightly, you could say, but we'll still be in the nineties. Our top story on Colorado's morning news wildfire still raging in Colorado and you could just as you just heard. We're going to need.

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