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Again for the industry. I think it's great to sound weird. We now have a small handful are my crown. royal fire. scenes are china seat by nats. Nonprofit has nine mental interesting where the reinhard boss messages on as far as not leading their division. You know out of an office. Full sample anna tribes that Be not market. You can have be debates. He moved in tampa. It's not good business. You might not be happy when they are at least that harnett ruin club and sacrificing from other pharmacists to do them dental all right zach. Silver is with us How about a quick draft. How about we d- baseball for a moment and jump into a quick draft. I don't think you've joined us for a draft so very quickly. It's just four rounds rapid fire non snake because this is a society. A you're the guest. So you will draft i and we'll just go back and forth rapid fire the topic after we did a little little negotiating before We started the topic of cereal. And this is just purely. You know this is all you. This zak silver his top or cereals people will yell at us on twitter afterwards no matter what but you know everyone's got takes so all right cereal draft europe for over the one one pick one one no pressure cereal draft not long. You're dependent on at night on routine basis because it is nice isn't it. Yeah you need like two hundred plus innings from this number one. I think they're not no serial dependable on that with me for that. You know anytime i know. It's just gonna be hard born with me through a lot. Every all edge gospel marmots rough morning slot a hopeful morning a lot of experience on and not just. Because there's no there's no weak point this year no you have been an anna already star. Got you the milk. You drank acting by nuts your ass. This nervous god. What manager all right all right I have a feeling are Are to Are two lists might Might have a very distinct Juxtaposition here because you talk about the milk and in the honey nut Honey nut cheerios. I'm going not healthy at all And i mean. I could. I could just. I could drink this milk straight up jack flirty and i did. It did like fifteen minutes on people who pour the milk in the cereal. I i think that the one exception like i would isolate the milk from the cereal with this serial and the serial alone and It's cinnamon toast crunch. That's the number one probably is unhealthy. A thing i won't even really call it food as you can put in your body. But i will not be dissuaded. Cinnamon toast crunch. Is my number one. The goat for me been with me through a lot on early morning after. Don't want anything that's not into system agree not. I need to sign off in her one but just dependable often. Now there are some that some days. It's all good guy. Hit three home pitching nine innings and in know. That's i come across as oh as much as much as he sometimes now sometimes come back after a late night and just shopping goodness in use some kind of wash away..

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