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Yeah i'm going to be the first one on the shit with white folks. So i can get some land white sheep it out. I'm not standing out here with this mask but mike. I can't believe that. I met you a yale man. Yeah remember that. That's amazing it is. It's so weird because then later you know we met became friends in los angeles. But i only i remembered it sometime ago i said oh my gosh jesse lee. You wanna talk about god's providence. I go to this very liberal left wing school all this politically correct and one of the first people that i meet at yale is jesse. Lee peterson that's that can't just be random chance. That's amazing. i remember when i started out. I started bob. Thirty years ago and i was traveling around the country. Speaking we did have more freedom of speech even back then. We do today. Because i spoke at universities around the country and i never had to really deal and people didn't walk out and he got mad but they weren't carried on as they are today and and reason have gone out of control today because The of stopped speaking up. They are not fighting back the allowing people to to you know to carry our lightness. And if you don't deal with evil within yourself over It would destroy you and likewise if you deal with it on the outside of you it will destroy you and that's what these people are trying to do. They want to take away our freedom of speech. I was second amendment. Once they do that. Michael is over. We can't let that happen so you you are fine. I mean obviously you fight back all the time and you speak and you had the show and everything. But you've got this conference coming up down in florida. Yes it's a man's covers. Abu elaborates annual men's conference down in orlando florida august fourteenth. Everybody under daddy gonna be there. And i know you've participated them before i do appreciate that. I wish you could have been at this time. I know you can't.

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