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This coming sunday. We have ten races Midnight postimees photon nine hundred. Seventy seven on the turk three on the all weather stake races but a class one handicap. The twin many of them three million dollars hong kong kerr's which is clear point thousand. Us dollars for a solid race. That's not the degree and that raise cannot kind of strange when you look at it. There's only seven in the race but the one artist kingshill but highway one hundred thirty three pounds the next highway one hundred twenty one so we got two hundred nine related works and then it drops down the ninety seven kingshill has means class edge in that field. I'm sure he'll be savored with dot cotton and cranky more and they're gonna go sixteen sixty two time basically a two mile shot ten. And that's on the all weather also Horse i like couple of. I liked the sunday race. Four crown avenue now. This is an all weather race. And when i do my data hard spun the. Us shows up constantly and move all why the rights of the extremely well round avenue is a sign of hard spiny one. Four times on the all weather he was a good even third last time out going The two tons of some sixteen thirteen right back again. Antoine hamlin then yet has all the right ingredients. Stores posted a math that bad in a field of fourteen and he has enough pay per se in the half of the first half of the field so race for them and seven crown avenue a little siren although would hard spun. Rain seven Number four metro warrior. David hayes horse Who gets jerry child. Jerry child continues to ride extremely well. He's still getting seven pound apprentice allowance. Which is just a big big issue. That's one had been kinda paula drawn. His last couple starts so drop some way he gets a little bit better drawn going nine from the nine thousand meters so that's not really relevant on the fact that it's probably a positive being closer to the outer rail stand side saw metro warriors. David hayes does have some speed not not breakneck speed. But i think he'll be upper involved early and i think what the apprentice allowance. That'll be enough to get him home. And seven four metro warrior and then rates. Ten is a class twee gone. Fourteen hundred meters and number eight calming excellent. Joe moreira tony crews. They're always super combination over there and Judge writing regularly has a win to that the last.

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