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Be sending military aid and acting politically and in such a way that we try to isolate the iranians on his convention italy's you with the saudi to sell them military we did i think we were right to the world water you were right to do that on the other hand and as you know i was the point person on iran for the george w bush administration o5 away we spend our time sanctioning the iranians we never got to the negotiating table i think it'd be a great mistake for president trump to walk away from the nuclear deal why is it not why shouldn't we be trying to have a better relationship with the iranian so that you can yes pushback wherever they are being adventurous wherever there is quote behavior that certain and doesn't fall of will you hope would come out of the nuclear deal you thought the nuclear deal what only spoke to the nuclear would also lead to some kind of betterment of relations because you could build on that that has an happen we're trying to be more aggressive people on the right what will argue that soon as they release the sanction the money that they were able to have coming into iran because the sanctions were released would immediately turned in part to there to support their misbehave i supported the nuclear deal uh president obama deal because i thought if we could freeze them for ten to fifteen years could for us strategic tactical advantage for us they get sanctions relief we put restrictions on if we walk away from the steel they get sanctions relief and all the restrictions are off so we lose big time that's nick burns of harvard's kennedy school and michael morell well the former deputy director of the cia coming up police do set of book bbc this is sunday brunch with charlie rose on bloomberg radio reggie cod is dean of the martin tuchman school of management at njit new jersey institute of technology he calls njit is management program.

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