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Well if people are facing in the case of multiple sclerosis a miserable condition there's not many options available and we could decrease the spastic city with chemical that is basically has almost no known for tallies by itself right in those those that are there due to contamination of for refunding micro toxins and things like that yeah it's but compared to almost any medicine i legally prescribed yes even even taking the worst case has so much better than almost any of the gather that information some of this won't be studied there's not enough money in it but this is what you get from dealing with patients and i often thank them because they teach residents in mid level clinicians nurse practitioner i thank the patients for sharing this anecdotal information that lets me way what i know scientifically but we we know when there's a centralized system it has to pass through gatekeepers in generally the federal government even if they've changed the prohibition are not going to spend suddenly change and say we now find it acceptable when certain government agency still believe there is no known medical use for cannabis that strikes most people especially physicians as being rather absurd right so we can we can allow the experimentation to go on and we can learn from our patients that's what i think the most important couple themes ten come up now could it be random chance yes but if we have a safe medicine.

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