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The loser in this two of the illusion is to Siegfried and Roy has died from complications of corona viruses a publicist confirming that death he was seventy five years old seven oh four time for WGN sports good morning to Jo brand good morning Dave last night Texans quarterback deshaun Watson rattled bears fans cages tweeting out that the Chicago football team never contacted him before the two thousand seventeen draft but audio from the rich Eisen show of N. B. C.'s says different which teams have knocked on the deshaun Watson Dorsey let's let's chat I have the Kansas City Chiefs the Cleveland Browns and then he can test and the jet and the Buffalo Bills and I've talked to since he's gone on the phone Chicago and Baltimore whether they talk or not the bears moved up in the draft to select Mitch Trubisky that year instead of Watson or Patrick Mahomes Watson was the Heisman runner up in two thousand sixteen the bears have declined your biscuits fifth year option after this upcoming year as for the bears currently they're reportedly at least interested in free agent Larry Warford the guard was cut by New Orleans on Friday there have been optimistic reports of baseball happening this summer but yesterday's report is hurting minor league players major league baseball on the MLB Players Association agreed to reduce this year's draft to five rounds baseball's draft is typically forty rounds teams are able to sign unlimited amount of undrafted players for twenty thousand dollars after the first five rounds this year the draft is scheduled for June tenth sometimes you'll Callie is reporting that the new bulls VP of basketball operations are tourist card shelves and GM Marc Eversley are not leaning towards retaining head coach Jim Boylen despite polls ownership wanted him back the bulls new decision makers have previously declared though that they wouldn't be addressing any coaching decisions until they can physically meet with players and coaches speaking of the bulls if the year were two thousand fifteen just five years ago we be talking about what happened last night in the bulls Cavaliers playoff games W. what.

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