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This Sunday morning on what a seven five keys heels hometown countdown what year to Katie in the morning we'll tell you which artist on the countdown got a shot out from free amateur the details on insurance incognito cameo in the rise of sky Walker and will fill you in on what fashion companies the week into Travis Scott have partnered with our new collection hometown countdown weekend mornings seven five Casey L. want tighter ABS are lifted booty want to save over a thousand dollars time's running out to get introductory cool tone pricing at Coley cosmetic pre book now for savings of fifty percent on this new treatment from the makers of cool sculpting builds muscle just thirty minutes cool tone is a non surgical alternative to about quicker than crunches in pain free with no downtime don't miss out on introductory savings book your session today Coley cosmetic dot com photo Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar is where the triad goes for outstanding hibachi and sushi what's your favorite team or do a business lunch in computers lounge or joint clients and coworkers for lunch and how much you table good good has great daily specials make plans for this weekend walking in a reserve online military police and firefighters get fifteen percent off with Nike kids ten and under died three Monday through Thursday with you paying adults and two kids good rich rific experience and a locally owned restaurants just go to put out of window over and I forty two Bhutto steak house dot com one seven five in a world they're collecting coats for kids will be cleaned and distributed locally to those in need I don't know you can donate at one oh seven five keys yell dot com sponsored by go green plumbing heating and air helping to warm the try and one code at the time Hey its sales manager sale with a great new year special for you here a crescent forward in height for a limited time select two thousand and nineteen fusion for prices low with eighteen seven seventy seven that's right select fusions are priced as low as eighteen seven seventy seven but hurry because supplies are limited I'm sales manager sales and I say press and hold like constructing a confusion with one hundred a package for twelve for twenty one plus last doubled with other offer some restriction apply see delivery.

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