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Ah 39 year old is male. Chavez. Garza was with the department for eight years. Chavez were two years McAllen, Texas, is a border town is located at the southern tip of Texas, about 70 miles west of the Gulf of Mexico. A New Hampshire gymnastics coach is now facing charges accused of raping a teenage student. The Middlesex D A's office says 41 year old David Augur of Hudson assaulted the former student when she was 17 years old. While attending the 10 point Academy of Gymnastics in Sto. Augur pleaded not guilty on Friday to three counts of rape. He was released on bail. Augur is the owner of the academy. His attorney says that he returned from out of state when he learned of the charges and says that the allegations Are not true. Well, the reality isn't looking good, says a major college football official on prospects on having a season in the pandemic. Here's NBC's chuck Seabirds and with that, as Corona virus cases spike in the sun belt that includes the Southeast and as faras the possibility of playing college football put a medical advisory group together in early April. Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg San Cheon, ESPN direct reality. The level of concern height of very high. I look at the numbers every day. In the important issues, not just numbers it is trying to understand and comprehend. The Ivy League suspended all sports in the fall, and the Big 10 says it'll play only conference games. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC News Coming up Colorado Man suffers from scratches and bruises after being After a Russell with a bear in his own home. That story straight ahead plus to check on sports, traffic and weather as well. It's +508 But first here's Bloomberg business. Online shaving products suppliers, expand products and retail locations. Shaving sure has changed In the last 60 years, Gillette has given a brand new meaning to the phrase shaving comfort. Jeff Raider chief executive officer at Harry's, says it changed with.

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