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Of bloomberg business sears steve potisk it is a tech giant in china and ten cent became a five hundred billion dollar company china's most valuable public company by promoting a culture of internal competition where teams raced against each other to make ideas work but now it is looking to facebook for inspiration as it makes changes to boost at revenue bloomberg technology reporter lulu chen says social advertising is where all the potential growth is like faith that there are revelling in ninety seven percent khan's fan advertising that only accounts for seventeen percent atenza right now so ten set his counting on its user data from the music people played of the news they read and the places they go to deliver targeted commercials and capture a bigger share of china's fifth three three billion dollar online advertising market social advertising is only accounting for ten percent of digital advertising in china right now with search advertising at ecommerce still taking up the lion's share with alibaba the leader i'm steve potisk bloomberg business on wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time twelve forty the nobel peace prize is awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons hiroshima survivor a member of the group bush setsuko third low urging nuclear nations to adopt a un treaty banning atomic weapons since saying the group's work is far from over this is our pass to maitland four hours one precious word to survive pope francis today calling on world leaders to work in favour of nuclear deal arab there to protect human rights particularly those of weaker underprivileged people speaking for the window of the papal apartment overlooking saint peter's square the pope said that there was a need to work with determination to build a world without nuclear weapons the only half of connecticut school districts are violating the state's safety requirements and acted after the 2012 sandy hook shootings part regard reports many districts are not complying with some aspects of the law requiring them to submit various safety related reports to the state the newspaper says nearly a hundred school districts of doc submitted the school security and safety plan that's do each september and barely twenty five percent of the districts of filed records of their lockdown and fire drills last year state lawmakers passed the requirements in 2013 along with tougher gun laws wsb abc news time twelve forty two which exports at a sunday morning wbz's chris pharma is in the a ticket com sports studio mike the celtics returned.

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