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You usually get fired orion. Why are you being shouted kind of militancy and especially in something. That is the big use in the first place. What is responsibility then. It says what should have one reason to change. Might you can give me a single line of code. And i can give you fifteen reasons why that might change. That's a city requirement. City can strike ya. People using those principles as a bludgeoned to attack. Code aren't useful and it's almost like it's an excuse for not just focusing on providing value to one and i i would say that if the principles you're working on if it's that hulled to apply the well they may not be particularly the well-articulated or useful principles Okay so you yeah. It's very firm but remember. This is a five minute. Lightning talk for played. We're thirty minutes into your five minutes. Uncle bob in the audience and this this is where it gets a little bit hilarious because then anyway. The feedback was great. And we're really well. The they weren't doing point. Get prizes of. I like to think i would have a price by the folks that were there. Remember it. and he's gonna. It's gonna little andy warhol site. i remember. I was pub copen when you're about.

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