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To say. For London Flop. The thing about guy that again, the way he speaks does feel like he was unfrozen from the year nineteen, Ninety eight. But again, the weirdly enough that has a way to be like you're you're. Looking in talk in a weird but like that makes me more comfortable. Sort of like he's harnessed the smashmouth energy. Able to ride that wave so much further than. Everybody else from that time, there was an article I read the basically said. If, you don't like smash mouth you probably don't like Guy Fieri. I don't think he's a Douche. He's just he's just he's got was worried about I was worried that you thought he was a bad dude. No real agree that he's a good dude he's just not his style like isn't what you're going. He's got the Bro Energy that I can tolerate, but then I don't vibe with. That's all fair and reasonable. Thing as well as I believe. Reading up on Triple D., the food network said that like not only is it obviously a huge hit for the network and made guy the face of the food network but I believe like it's more than most watched shows by the male side of their viewership. So for some reason, I think it's just guys particular energy and his style really has that vibe with like young men I don't think this means that mer recruiting people to flavor town anytime soon. But for some reason and is his typical of being guy like really resonates the way with men viewing these shows. This is interesting. I'm trying to think of like the Algorithm of food network programming now that you've said that. We have that versus pioneer woman, which is like safest. Most Vanilla American. Play I can't even watch that show because it gets too boring like. Like you know, we'll have minutes of something on our dvr before like after. So, we'll be watching something 'cause. Triple D. and all this stuff is like shows Ethan I will watch together like helium. Mad. If I if there's like a tournament of triple John I watched one episode without him. That's like our game of thrones basically. I'm not kidding I cannot watch that show without him. So you know sometimes I'll watch like ten minutes pioneer woman after and we're just like. This is horrific and I feel the same about. Everybody anthem.

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