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And the last few hours and it basically shows you that they have cut cut back and gdp goes of course kiko throw clients up what happens next exactly as we raced towards the june meeting for opec donald thanks a lot of discussion a lot of horse trading on a nail biting and sweating i think because this is not going to be an easy meeting the saudis and the russians have signaled the direction that they want to go in the devil is in the details is the cliche which is so true here because they're going to be asking themselves the questions you know do we get out of this plan to cut do we simply try to respect the targets that we've set which would mean bringing production back up to to a level that that opec said it was targeting but who puts that oil back on that's the really the question saudi arabia's spare capacity russia's got spare capacity but are the other opec members going to be content with allowing some of those big producers took pump more and that brings the price potentially down for everyone so a producer that can't pump more is going to be getting less money especially given the fact that they have rallied around in terms of compliance everybody's done the hard work and hard lifting and let's see where it goes he gets to turn on the top the most filipov anthony power there is an energy reporter joining us about myself just ahead it is one year since kaunda's neighbors imposed a boycott rich nation but often november seventeen no what are the qatari stocks go next this is good.

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