Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carey, Oregon discussed on Continuity Error - Who's the best Batman of all time?


Fair okay appreciate that twophase batman forever tommy lee jones i actually for the much lower on the list together i love tommy lee jones but i felt like the character was a a caricature of to face i would put him below poison ivy and maybe even mr phrase no our next that they have ridler from batman forever this is uh one of our favorites uh i think he needs to be higher um i think i agree and they also thing uh this was one of jim carey it's it's funny because best one of his best roll past he had a lot of latitude to be himself and have fun with a character but he also knew how the kinda tony down when the when it needed it do you remember when you're rumors we're flying around about the 2012 jackknifed rises movie and there was no confirmation of who would be an added the villains and everybody was yes nolan bring kerry interior universe you'll be so good i think there is a huge opportunity there to give him another shot a bijur a non shawki decently scary version of the ridler and he would still knockout apart are in oregon the would however hollywood works that but i think jim carey could have some really andrew orcas next decade he could do some really interesting stuff could pull off like a tom hanks wit from goofy come again god to something been worse or not will see next up a earn eckhard is to face in darkness.

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