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Far off place. See when you get sent away on punishment to England does the kind of music, you spend yourself this to these dudes all Craig David sons. For the record all of England's Craig Davis. Okay. He's like I'm from the from the county council the birth at this fucking helps you from the council murder for property. Yell. The hash burn the Bronx selene Dion heart will go on to my Tim's. The rain Marino you cannot contain. Go. Look at me put me in isosceles triangle, put me in ninety degrees. What I'm saying? Probably would've op two's angle put them in airtight Mason jar now getting out getting hot can't Cuffy got diplomatic immunity. The job air on the research provocateur. That's right. When you see me playing on my come through and be like where he's card nigga. Do I win? I just find it funny. How capper Nick should be playing. But he kneels, but now wouldn't beaters back on the NFL. I'm hanging. Daines? There's a couple of Saudi quarterbacks out that are absolute TRAN. So you are nervous Safar eating least gives who's this. Fook them. Oh, shucks. Paying Diller paying on you been locked up for you. And I'm coming home to pussy. Come to KOTA, dang. Delo fucking Mandela's porn. Dicko della. Weenie? I have home who to beat the Puccio. Yup..

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