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This report is sponsored by Mattress firm 6 20 in his radio one. Oh 55 wrc traffic and weather together six times an hour all morning. Here's Captain car part of the interstate Shut down in Tuscaloosa this morning. If you're getting started their 2059 north and you have to get off at Joe Malaysian Parkway, take Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard over two 35th Street and then back onto 3 59 to continue on 2059 heading eastbound toward Birmingham. Otherwise a good Rydell 65 along 2059 through downtown. No problems on I 20 or along 59 through trust Bill Traffic updates every 10 minutes all morning long your next report at 6 30 on NewsRadio one Oh 55. W E. R C Get a king bed for a queen Price at mattress firm Save up to $500 during the best Labor Day sale ever on top rated brands like silly and sleep use, plus, get a free adjustable base when you spent 6 99 or more Let's see what Mickey Ferguson's working on over at Fox six Looks like another hot one for us today. How Mickey, it really does. JT We have a temperature readings averaging close to 95 degrees this afternoon. It really looks like today is going to be the hottest day for our next seven. Partly cloudy skies, though not much, Borane Chance, Maybe just a 10% chance for our southern tier of counties Tonight slows down to 73. And mostly clear tomorrow becoming partly cloudy. Chance of rain developing late tomorrow, mainly coming into our southern and Eastern counties. Highs tomorrow near 92 degrees from the Wbrc First Alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning years and right now we've got partly cloudy and 72 in NewsRadio one Oh 55 w E. R C Mhm. Mhm 6 22..

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