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Proud to be black. And I'm proud to be in Canada being black on probably in America being black, but I am a free in both. United States and communities around the world continue to stand up against racism, following the unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement, one former NFL player, currently living in Winnipeg says padding yourself on the back is a Canadian for being a little less racist isn't something to cheer about? This is what I live regardless if I'm in Canada. When you go somewhere to enjoy yourself or walk among people, you feel afraid. and. How do I explain racism to my daughter? How do I? Explain hate to my daughter? Butler, who played in the NFL with Detroit Lions and Cleveland browns before finishing his career with the NFL's blue bombers, says being a professional athlete has not insulated him from racism by major frustration is done having to justify plaque for somebody else's acts of hate butler. Who grew up in grand rapids? Michigan has seen his fair share. Share of racism and heartbreak he lost his mother at the age of ten to a violent street murder in memories of his painful past or triggered when he sees violence breaking out while he now calls Winnipeg home, he worries about what could follow in other countries if we don't address stem racism and discrimination in every way shape and form, so it has to be said and has to be said just like this. How bad do you want to make a change? You talk about it, let's write it down. Let's put some money behind it, and let's really see this thing. Grow because we see how big hate is Kelly Bilour. Recently became a father. He says conversations with your little girl about how the world is different for black kids and white kids, because of the color of their skin is in a discussion that you'd have to take place in two thousand twenty, but it does. That's the frustration minutes. A Dad I asked myself. What do I tell my daughter? Be Afraid of being who you are because the color skin Butler now works with indigenous children in Winnipeg and wants to have frank discussions with those standing his allies with people of color who don't face discrimination on a daily basis. That uncomfortable that you're feeling. As a friend and ally a person that's not an African American or black understand. If you really WANNA be part of this, then you're gonNA. Have to be a part of this for a little bit longer than a day because we seem to keep forgetting that black people keep dying. In Winnipeg Marc Newfield city news more on our poll now on racism in Canada. Almost two thirds of Canadians believe that discrimination is common in Canada today when asked does discrimination happen in Canada today, twenty eight percent, said frequently thirty-seven percent said quite often and thirty three percent said from time to time, and according to our poll Canadians agree with twenty nine percent certain. There is and thirty two percent saying they are pretty sure. Our poll also asked which groups are most likely to suffer discrimination with ninety seven percent of Canadians saying Muslims some level of discrimination, Ninety five percent, of Canadians saying black people suffer some discrimination with ninety five percent, agreeing refugees, suffering discrimination and ninety four percent, agreeing that indigenous people are targets as well. Those same questions were asked just four years ago and believe it or not. The numbers are up. Let me give you an example. Those thinking that black people face a lot of discrimination that's up by nine percent. Those who think indigenous people face a lot of discrimination that's up seven percent. We're talking about how anti black racism anti indigenous racism and other forms of racism are actually embedded in our government, and in all of the institutions that are comedian. Government allows to exist political leaders across Canada have rushed to condemn systemic racism in the aftermath of protests, condemning the way Canada governs and polices marginalized populations, but activists warned that without understanding what systemic racism is the people at the very heads of? Of. Those systems are just talking the talk without walking the walk. We don't have a candidate with the Indian Act. We don't have a candidate without residential schools with the reservation system, we don't have a candidate without slavery and segregation, and all of the things that those produced a quasi owens who says systemic or structural racism is baked into Canada's history systems developed during the colonial era colored who had access to education who could gain wealth and who could hold political power. Those systems continue to have lasting impacts with results that are still fell today. Things like school disciplinary practices, the ideas and beliefs that were propagated sheriff during those times influence how teachers perceive children's behavior, the influence how employers perceived the. Potential intelligence or work ethic of job applicants, and they influence how you know organizations that I studied like the police. Decide who they're going to stop and search today. Black Women are one of the fastest growing Canadian prison populations despite making up a fraction of the population and the Conference Board of Canada reports. Black Canadians burn only eighty cents for every dollar. Dollar White Canadians earn author and activist Desmond Cole says while the Prime Minister has talked a lot about systemic racism. His government has sued to stop a human rights tribunal ruling on funding for indigenous children in care. The human rights tribunal has said exactly what I just said. This is racist. It's not fair to give first nations. Kids on reserves less money. And the government has to immediately. Is the funding. What is just been doing instead? He has been fighting nations people in court so that he doesn't have equalize the perfect now. Cole was able to provide a long list of examples of Canada failing to address systemic racism or indeed benefiting from it most recently failing to obtain the consent of the wet, so and people before to build the coastal gasoline pipeline through unseeded territory in auto washout Lee City News. All right, let's get into it joining us right now. Sheila North, former grand chief in indigenous advocate. It Deal Isa. POTHOLE FEM and Michael Box Center for diversity and inclusion. Welcome to our show Sheila I'm going to start with you. Let's talk about systemic racism. How does it work for whoever doesn't get it yet? I think you had a really good explainer, and I think what people need to know is just look around you and see who is working in some of the prestigious jobs and Canada even pilots, or even the RCMP or perceive prestigious I suppose. These kind of professions require higher education and usually a lot of backing of money to be on hand to be able to study and to get necessary hours to complete those kind of achievements, and we don't have that afford to people of color in this country, especially indigenous people we don't have access a good education systems to begin with, and then we don't have access to funds to keep us going for seven eight years, or however long it takes to get a pilot's license or to get a lawyer's license, and so these kind of challenges are inhibiting people from participating in the economy and being self sufficient, so that's just one example, and we see this also in other systems like the. And and like the just the Justice Systems and health and we, we know that. We're not saying that everyone in these systems are racist. The policies that drive them are racist and the people that follow them sometimes, even though they're not racist. End Up doing racist actions because they're following policy. That's been set for them I of time. Good explanation there. Diamond Michael I want to bring you into the conversation because it's important for people to be part of the conversation, so we know exactly what we're talking about. What is white privilege? How does it manifest itself? And what are the consequences? Yeah, so? Privilege as a concept is essentially.

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