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Yes and that is that is what we are in in i think for me anytime i fear now i mean fear of something to to face we have the ability to you know kinda repress fears but that stays with us somewhere you know i it stays stored in your muscles save stored in your body that fears is they're doing harm to you whether you want to have it actually come out or or you wanna kinda keep it within what the medicine does more than anything i've i've experienced gets it up in our and there's there's talk you know part of the medicine is people do throw up people think i'll purge part of that pershing is you're actually purging emotions your pershing that fear your pershing the judgment your pershing some of these some of these things that you you're holding into your body holding on tightly to because you define that as who you are anything that's an important piece of it but once you once you yourself of that i made my experiences just been you know the amount of joy and gratitude in you know these emotions that people kind of talk about that i was like okay now i'm never gonna walk around say how grateful i am every day in it just started happening and i do it every day all the time and it's it's it's not like at gratitude journal that i forced myself to do it just became part of my life it just i started feeling it and you know that's what i think is possible when you start to at least some of these other emotions in some of these other which is largely fear that the kind of the kind of wills us in the opposite of is love and so those are you know you have the opportunity to to hold onto fear or to hold onto love you know you can think about that in every business meeting you have every person you meet jiwan approach approaches relationship from.

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