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Day. All the details are on n j 115 dot com And that's thanks to our sponsors. He clean bro. All natural prepared meals delivered straight to your door and Planet fitness. Get a move on joint Plan of fitness today for $10 a month. No commission that is some long. Copy your along. Copy 100 to 83 1 of 1.5 Jovi, Eric Pots in for Tyminski and Doyle today. Right now. We're just talking a one wondering out loud really is. Can you remain friends with your ex 1? 802 8311.5 this based on the fact that Tom Brady after advancing to the Super Bowl last night? Received a congratulatory tweet from ex wife or ex girlfriend whom he has a son with Bridget Moynahan, and I was wondering because I'm reading this article on fox news dot com Right now. And, uh, Is this the same sun? The Tom Brady kisses on the lips? Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm not sure how many sons he has. And which one he kisses on the mouth, which is so weird, And that's another reason why I could never like become like a true Tom Brady fan just creeps me out too much. It creeped you out that they kisses on the lips. When in the was a small child is like, Hey, the child could walk on his own. Okay. The child was like at least eight years old. Yeah. I mean, that's a little bit too. When they're babies, I mean all the time. That's different, but we're talking like Like able to like, make his own PB and J sandwich and his dad is driving a car and not only dad, give me the keys, not asking for a kiss getting one of them going. That's it. The Quran genius weird dad thing I've ever seen in my entire life. But that's besides the point. What's What's What's what uncles do. What are you gonna do now? I'm not gonna listen. I'm not gonna I'm Excuse me. I'm taking I'm taking no pages out of the Tom Brady Brady playbook. I'll tell you that. All right, 100 to 831 on 1.5 remaining friends with an ex Janet in Tinton Falls. You're on the Jersey One of 1.5. How you doing, Janet? Hey, good. How are you? All right. Welcome aboard. Would you want to say No, I want to rephrase the question. Is it necessary to be friends with direct? Do you have a child with that person? Because of your child with that person, then? Yeah, grow up. Get over yourself. Everybody's gone their own way. It's important for kids to see that adults can get along. Especially, God forbid you have an emergency where both parents have to be in the same place. Same time for their kids. You know, it's just You just seemed like nobody seems to want to get over themselves to you say, Janet So went down. Move on. When can you be petty about it then, he said. Come on. I like that. That's no fun. We want to be pet. I do like the way that Jenna looks at it now. Unfortunately, Janet, as I'm sure you know many marry, you know, formerly married couples with kids. Many of them can't get to this. Mental breakthrough that you are revealing on live radio right now that it would be a better message for the kids, even if you guys remain friends. Well, yeah, but you have to understand, too, that my marriage ended. A while ago. So I'm not gonna say I didn't have problems with what happened each witness, but the bottom line is you're better. You're better in minute. That child's gonna look at you when you're having an argument. Who do you want that kid to look at for guidance. The one that's losing their minds are the one that's going to stay calm and tried to, you know, get through it. Let me tell you. We got too many people out there freaking out. And these kids are like, OK, I guess I need to freak out. You really have to just look at it. And the child by I like it, Jack. All right. Should. I should've had freak freak out. Ready to go freak out. I should have had if I had known you were going there Jan, I would I cued it up, Jenna. Thank you so much. Hopefully more people can can get into your state of mind will be awhile, but you can get there and that's the question you can ask is just look. Is it worth it to you? It's worth it's your kids. That's all that matters. And if you want to freak out, I don't know. Let's talk about, Biden said. I'll freak out. We were talking about Biden later, Janet, Thanks so much. On the jersey One of 1.5. Um, um, yeah, I mean, depending on how you know things went down, you know, it might take more time than others. T get to that place in your life where you're willing toe. Be friendly with that person again. Um one other wrinkle that might come into play would be What if you are dating somebody or you're engaged or married to somebody who is very tightly intertwined with your family. It took me that long or your friends will. Oh, are we doing this pit from two minutes ago, we get the damn song of Get up! Go! I just had to do because I went through all that trouble. Listen, I mean, you know the little engine that could Esso like, Let's say, Let's say you're dating somebody for a couple years or you're married to someone for a couple of years and over this time. That person became very close with your family became very close with your friends on then all of a sudden you're fighting out that Those friends of family. They are in your life. There still Having a relationship with your ex. Does that bother you? Would that rub you the wrong way? That's another question to or whatever. And whatever happened to your high school crush? I want to know that 1 802 8311.5 Alina in queues, Berg. You're in New Jersey. One of 1.5. How you doing? Hey, How are you? All right, happy Monday. Happy when he sees this, So would you want to say? Um Yeah, So I have like my old act. I'm like, nine or 10 years ago. I'm still really good friends the way it came in the sailing or not. It's your You know, but comparing that my relationship now you know he's not happy that on friends that they asked, but it's not like I'm talking to them every day. Especially. I have a very good relationship with your family. I'm not gonna go ahead. Just they know just somebody you need to work on your insecurities. You know now, have you gotten to the point with your in your new relationship Is that no longer an issue Because I'm kind of with you Where if you're of the mindset that you're happy with your ex and your life in the way that they're in your life Then then, then, too bad like that's just That's what you decided You're not going to change that. Well, yeah. I mean, there is a fine line. You don't cross between new one. And the old one. You know, I It's part of insecurity issue And you know what? He looked or not? He was there. I'm not hanging out with him not talking to him. You don't know exactly. Alina, your phone's breaking up on us. But we get the gist. Thank you so much for calling the jersey one of 1.5 What Say you can you remain friends with an ex 100 to 831 on 1.5? It is 2 30. Now the latest New Jersey news from INGE, a one on 15 calm. The House is set to bring the impeachment article against Donald Trump for the Senate trial. But a growing number of Republican senators say they oppose the proceedings against the former president. That's a sign of dimming chances that Trump will be convicted on the charge that he incited a riot at the U. S. Capitol. The trial is set to begin in two weeks. Ah, bill has been introduced that would require Jersey schools to start substance abuse education in the third grade. Assemblyman Eric Simonson has been an educator for the past 30 years says, You learn Nick. Marijuana is affecting kids younger and younger, and now that it's going to be legalized, it was important to me to expand the education of it. Right now. Jersey School start teaching kids about the dangers of drugs there. Six or seventh grade health class is two men shot to death at a birthday party in Edgewater Park. Officers called to the home just before when a M Sunday and found the bodies of 29 year old James gets the third and Marcus Thompson.

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