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Ransom from Katie Th in Seattle. We have a lot of conversations on my show and then covers sort of the cultural war issues surrounding what's going on in schools all across the country. And I have saying on my own show that you know, the nuttiness of Seattle has a tendency to spread. And so if you live in some of the other air Areas where You feel like you might be far removed from that kind of activism, you realize Oh, my gosh. It is in my backyard now, And the same is true all across the country, bad activist teachers of L A or New York of Austin. They have a tendency to spread out into the surrounding communities. And then all of a sudden, you find yourself in a position. That parents and some school officials in Hudson, Ohio, find themselves in because the mayor there his name is Craig Schubert. He wants all five of the school board members to resign or Face possible criminal charges because of some coarse material that was taught in one of their high school classes. Now, part of the class work is and by the way this is writing in the liberal arts, college credit courses being taught At high school and part of this lesson includes a book that's called 642 Things to write about. And on each page. You have a different prompt that it's supposed to get you to think creatively and start to write some of the folks there decided to take a deeper look. Into what the prompts were perhaps a parent. Looked at the kids book just added curiosity, and they were all shocked to find out that there were some problems there. That number one told them to taste beer and then write about it. Obviously, we're talking about high school students, but to prompts that jumped out the most. Just because they're kind of gross One is to right. A sex scene. You wouldn't show your mom And another said, rewrite that sex scene. Into one that you would let your mom read. So first of all it will. That is disgusting. Don't do that. Don't write a sex scene. That you wouldn't show your mom And please, especially in high school. Do not rewrite the sex scene from above into one. You let your mom read. That is gross. Don't let your mom read any of your sex scene stuff. In fact, don't do sex scene writing. How about that? High schooler want to go into college? You know, you do your thing. Well, let's leave this at high school. And so folks got upset because obviously this is not appropriate material for kids. Regardless of whether or not they're taking a college level course. Is being taught in a high school. It's wrong. Full stop. Every reasonable person would know that now from the school board's perspective, because whenever you get any of these kinds of materials, and of course they're supposed to be generally. Some kind of committee, some sort of group that reviews the content just to make sure that it is in fact appropriate for that age level. And in this case they didn't do that. They apologize. They pulled the material from the classrooms. They note that no student actually was given this particular set of promise, But they still say are bad. It's wrong. Apparently, that's not good enough. Because the mayor of the city in Hudson, Ohio, says every single one of the people who are responsible for this incompetence, you must resign which are fully back or be charged, which is absurd. This particular mayor said that he contacted the judge, and this counts as child pornography. No, it doesn't. I am all for calling out the nonsense that teachers and principals and school boards are putting front in front of these kids, But we have to make sure that we're not going to a little bit too far into the crazy. This is not child pornography under any sense of the law. I'm not a lawyer. But I did watch every single episode of the good wife and the practice, even by the way, the last two seasons of the practice, which sucked so I know a thing or two. Also, I googled just some of the laws in Ohio and please, God, don't let anyone look at my Google search history. After all the research I did last night. This is not child pornography. They actually have a law that's very specific. That gives a carve out to educational materials Number one number two. The prompts themselves are not child porn, simply saying, write a sex scene, even if you give it to high school, or that's not child porn. It's a writing prompt, Ironically, even though I know wouldn't happen, But ironically, the content that 18 year old in one of the courses Might create based on that writing prompt could be considered child porn. But again when you're getting into the text version of things, it's a little bit wonky. So you know, let's relax just a little bit. Let's be content with calling up the crazy without leaving into the crazy ourselves. I'd love to hear from you Send me a tweet. On this story If you think I'm wrong, please tell me Tweet me at Jason Rants J A. S o N R A N T Z. That's my name filling in for the bench of the Russia. Mm. Yeah. Hey, am 7 90, ABC. Okay. News. I'm Kevin Trapp. President Biden.

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