New York City, Grasso Fox News, M Storm discussed on Sean Hannity


Share from Intel. From Bloomberg. I'm Ana Rivera. For news radio Wofl a Pascoe news radio tell you F L A 99 point 1/2 m Storm marches northward. I'm Sanji and Grasso Fox News. The Eastern Seaboard took a lashing from tropical storm is from the Carolinas right through cities like Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Right into the Big apple. We are learning here in New York City of one possible death related to the storm and again. We are watching the storm moved further north tonight, so it's expected to move along toward main. So some of those areas also at that far North, seeing potential store mornings, of course. Tornadoes also warnings in effect until 9 p.m. Tonight. That's Fox's Alex Hogan's. Now Here's a look at the storms expected track from Fox meteorologist Adam Clots. This is gonna be the path as we head through the evening hours running through upstate New York. You're going to see this across a large area in New England, the very heavy rain the wind still at 65 miles an hour, and then of course, this is a lot of moisture with it. So flooding could still be an issue Northern Pennsylvania through New York up into portions of New England, all spots where you could still see 4 to 6 inches of rain. It's the kind of thing that people saw folks all back across portions of the Mid Atlantic that these two people were killed, several more missing after one of those tornadoes flattened a mobile home park in Windsor, North Carolina. Ah, huge explosion rocked Beirut, inflicting hundreds of injuries and damaging buildings on a wide area around the city's port. Speaking at a Tuesday.

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