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Listen to Steve Somers in the night-time. It all began with face to face and escalated to slap push Panch Powell and bam escalating to a human missile crisis. And that's where Becca the came. They follow the identified flying object. So now what comes first with him? Becca makes the pro football hall of fame or the m m a hall of fame or the W W E all checkout, Stephen six thirty right after Mike francesa afternoons from three to six thirty on the fan. Sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg. Boomer in. Boomer and Vance CBS sports network get right back into the football and baseball news yesterday with the Mets bringing in Jeddah Lowry on a two year deal twenty million dollars. It's going to make sure that it's it's got fluid right fluids at the top and that fluid coming from all of his former clients because that's all Brody bandwagon. Does his bringing his former clients? Larry your last year. I know. So..

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