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I've been annoyed by it. He botched it s he bought. She's everything. For some reason, we look for precision his language here which we don't expect swear. If I had been answered this. Austin I would've answered it very differently when I've written about this a lot. opposite. Have made before. Is it America doesn't need to wonder what it would be like we had a tyranny. On on. Shows because we've had one slavery Jim Crow. About this I. I'm aware as anyone. But. It seems clear to me that this is. Something of a press fabrication by which I don't mean that trump wasn't annoyingly imprecise. But this is a story that the press likes to write about wants to write about perhaps believes at one level and so keeps active. The stories on this? moved. Subtly quickly from seemed to decline to. Denounce to. Declined to denounce to yesterday morning actively courted. Actively courted and that's just not what happened. And then we see. K an-any being accused of refusing. To denounce, which wasn't true. This has been going on for a while now again I Think Donald Trump's rhetoric and imprecision in general demeanor is not just unhelpful but. Apartment. but he has denounced white supremacy before. He started about twenty times. Gymnast earlier in the week. Well, why was he even? Issuing instructions to the proud boys. If he has some sort of control over them, the reason he said that was because he was asked to. They asked him tell him to stand down and then he said stand back and stand by. I can just see the way this narrative is developed. He's never done it. He's never done it and then he does it. And then they say a few months later, he's never done it. Will you do it? and. I think there are so many more. Important things to talk about. So Shaw. He's He's It's A But I find it extraordinary to watch a dubious declined to denounce. To. Turn into explicitly declined refused and then courted. This is not good journalism. So. I think the reason you know it was asked was. During some of the unrest he seemed to encourage you know his guys are his his side In the street which you never wanNA president to do and. I take tries point he's imprecise and crude way he says everything. So why not on this but it's just It's just such a you know David Davis had a good tweet on this in David's Nada a out of his mind critic the president obviously. But why why why did he keep on missing this? Simple layup. I mean it's it's it's back I. Mean I think there are much worse examples of this, right? I mean it was he was slow to reject David Duke's endorsement right I mean he he was slow to. name. The problem. You slow and kind of the complaining or naming and shaming the participants in Charlottesville thing and actually think that was what was damaging about this exchange was at just reminded people of how much they hated. Those things I'm not sure how many people knew who the proud boys are outside of the media It's also saying that the proud boys although disgraceful. I'm not actually white supremacist organization. Yes it is a whole. The whole conversation was a strange one I think the boys are anti Semitic but I don't think they are a white supremacist organization at least Jane Kirsten. Fox's the non right. And you know I've seen video the past couple days of you know kind of. Latino proud boys standing with black lives matter in these bizarre press conferences. You know what you did. See though I mean what you really saw was both Joe Biden and the president both said version of I don't want violence. And then both the president and Joe Biden kind of hedged avoided going after. Thugs or potential thugs on their own side. Joe Biden said Anti Fauzan, idea not an organization. And the president said, stay down in stand back and standby when he seemed to be reaching four a stand down so you know I it kind of says something ugly about our politics and Meghan mcardle pointed out to me. If you look at polling. you know there's like a survey poll of Americans saying would violence be justified if the election doesn't go your way? And respondents both Democrat and Republican saying yes have shot up. In the past year. And that is a frightening thing and we need. We need political leaders who aren't Cagey about these answers. We need them to be plainspoken. that. It's wrong. However I agree with Charlie you know there was a kind of ridiculousness to this and it's a ridiculous born of the fact of this is that for many people in the media who've adopted this more advanced ideology about race. an? anti-racism. The president's many statements that key mcenaney provided in her. Moment this week condemning the K. K. K. they've those don't count as condemning. RIGHT DONALD TRUMP is guilty of white supremacy because he supports. Border Control or he supports US supremacy on the world stage or he supports any of these other things that they consider. Artifacts of white supremacy that he said that he says he's going to protect the suburbs that's white supremacy. So in a sense like the reason, I, keep asking him to condemn it is because by their lights. He, he never can condemn it adequately without ceasing to be. Someone who is not either Mex- candy like he would have a remix kindy. to not fall foul of this expansive. Definition of.

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