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On the northshore come Thursday and Friday from your weather expert forecast center I'm WLTP chief meteorologist Chris Franklin seventy five degrees cloudy south lake seventy two on the north shore I'm Chris Miller W. W. well first well fret from the WBBL Rajiv in the medical traffic center I'm Patty bernehmen if you come into the city from the baton Rouge area I. ten eastbound is now open at milepost one ninety four traffic was being diverted at one ninety four to airline but the state police have picked up the accident all lanes are open it's been closed since about noon so we still have really heavy traffic coming in on the I. ten you still might be better off taking airline once you get closer to town spillway looks good inter Kenner in memory we've got no delay and if you westbound going home to Kenner in memory you know I can hear the delay until Clearview coming in from the east and no problems at the high rise secondary delays are right around Orleans approaching the flyover exit if you eastbound you gonna hit a delay right around the I. six ten marriage Riverbend expressways looking good to the west bank and come in from the west bank to the east bank no delay on the bridge but it's a little slow on the lake bound expressway traffic brought to you by ground game got a traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five a four to six so info W. W. well sports flash is that make it easy on themselves last night spot in Golden State a ten point halftime lead for rallying for a fourteen point win coach Alvin gentry says going forward if they want to be a playoff.

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