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That they don't know what caused the fire yet. But some thinking that it's linked to that that renovation men. I'm not somebody. That's doomsday guy. I'm not Alex Jones. I don't wear the tin foil hat, but it kind of weirds me out that you will get some of the things that are inside of this cathedral. The the crown of thorns is inside their pieces of the cross that Jesus was crucified allegedly inside pieces of stone that were at the crucifixion side of Jesus inside. And for all that to burn up on Easter week sh- men that kind of weird me out that freaks me out just a little bit. I'm not gonna lie. The crown of thorns in their centers. Authentic. They believe questions about often tizzy. But from everybody of record the head inside. It was a gold and glass cover a big case. They don't know. What's safe? What's not inside? But if you look at this fire, it's pretty devastating. It's a pretty big deal. A lot of artwork inside that goes back to the late sixteen hundred has just a beautiful gigantic eighteenth century of one of those those pipe organs. Yes. Yes. Eight thousand pipes to this baby. Just think of like remember the paramount music palace on east Washington. Sixty five Bagley Haiti. Oh, yeah. Nice. Green place. Yes, sir that on crack and there at the Notre Dom cathedral. So it doesn't look like there's going to be anything left of this thing now. And again when you start talking about crucifixion and Easter and for that stuff to be involved in a big fire on Easter week. It weirds me out just a little bit. Other breaking news today. We're finding out that we're going to get a redacted version of the mother report released joy as earliest Thursday morning. A Justice department spokesperson said that. So let me just tell you exactly how this is going to play out. Okay. You don't need to wait 'til Thursday. This is exactly how it's going to play out when that redacted report is released. The Democrats are going to say, well, you redacted so much took away everything we are demanding to have the full full version released, and until you do that for sending out of Schiff in a corner is going to spin around three times speak himself, wet himself. We demand see the full report. We're not giving up collusion. That's what the left is going to do the right is going to say, listen people. We gave you everything that we had we redacted the things that matter to national security. We're not gonna put our soldiers lives in danger. We're not going to give away company and corporate and national secrets we redacted the thing. Things that kept people safe. I don't know what more you want. You're looking for a witch hunt and seen. That's exactly how both parties are gonna play this thing. The democrat Republicans have a lot more to lose than the Democrats Democrats are gonna be able to bore through this thing. And even the stuff that's not redacted. They're going to be able to pick and choose and find whatever the little nuggets they wanna use and blow it up and use it against the president of exactly what's going to happen. Also over the weekend. President Trump firing a few more shots on Twitter at Representative ill haunt Omar. And her comments in regards to nine eleven some people did some things. Yeah. Okay. They there was a video that was pinned to the top of Donald Trump's page. I think we've talked about this on Friday, somebody had made this video with her speech, where she mentioned some people things with the horrific scenes that we all recall with nine eleven the twin towers and the planes and the burning well because President Trump has kind of responded back and disagreed with those comments them Representative Omar people were accusing him of bullying her and she's getting some death threats because some people had a problem with it. And they're blaming Donald Trump for it. It's his fault. Now CNN's Alison Cammarata questioned Trump campaign adviser, Mark Lauder. Now, we know Mark laudner used to work here in Indianapolis along with Mike pantheon, Mark laudner was on with Alvin Cammarata on CNN and was talking a little bit about how this is Donald Trump's fault. Does the president know that he's putting her in danger? Well, I don't think it's the president. She's putting her in danger. I think it's her ill thought out words that she used. She described the greatest terror attack on the history of United States soil that which killed nearly thousand Americans. The fact that those are her words, that's what's putting making the threats but make no mistake. No congressperson. No American should be threatened. And no one is inciting violence. I think what they're doing is showing outrage toward words that should have been better thought out. I I would say the congresswoman, you know, welcome to the show. Anybody deserves death threats. That's what I'm saying. But yeah, when you have a history of anti semitic statements and tweets, and then the little cherry on the Sunday is your insensitive and dismissive remarks about nine eleven. Yeah. You're going to get criticized for getting raked over the coals for it and President Trump's gonna use this as an opportunity to fire up his base once again. So again, I say welcome to the show disagreeing with somebody isn't the same as bullying somebody the president can disagree with people and kind of cla- back at them a little bit that's not bullying, and if a couple of morons wanna make a death threat, that's not his fault. AOC and some others have said the president has put Omar endanger that's a load of crap. Omar's comments have put herself in danger. And then, of course, the thumb goes on CNN, Brian Stelter and talks about how Donald Trump's fault. Some people. Did something four words probably not the best of words. For me to sit here and say, I would have chosen different words. Right. But the point is this controversy was created the construction of the frame, Omar downplays nine eleven. Is a key part of the story. These outrage cycles corrupt us Paul Mars comment was used as a weapon against her including by President Trump who has pinned anti Omar video to the top of his Twitter page Trump's videos, propelled the story all the way to the nightly news. I'm glad he did that you know, that that video it's not something Trump created it was a video that was coming the attacks on eleven interspersed with Omar saying some people did something and attic millennials need to be need to see those images. Can you be everybody needs to be reminded of what happened on nine eleven and everybody needs to be reminded of her dismissive in insensitive remarks about that so good? I I don't have a problem with adult fifty bucks. That's Brian Stelter is never seen a woman naked, by the way that guy. And if it's bizarre to me that, you know, all of a sudden the left wants to speak up about people being put into danger people being put into danger. We have to talk about it. We have to start a conversation. Okay. Because they were awful silent for a long of things that went on lift just scroll down memory lane here, shall we? Remember when Nancy Pelosi kind of endorsed collateral damage against Americans who didn't share the views of the Dem's the American people to be there for them. For for their financial security, respecting the dignity and worth of every person in our country, and if there's some collateral damage, but some others who do not share our view while. So be it. Oh, okay list is so long here. How about Eric Holder? Remember, it is time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are to be dedicated.

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