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And so I was very curious about that love triangle between Lucy John Roberts, and how Stanton interacted without love triangle because I had to believe that is the secretary of war man, who was essentially in charge of everything I had to believe that he knew the truth about it. And I had to believe that he made the decision to essentially cover it up. It's a fascinating bit of history. And then it'll the other piece of history that I'm just shocked by and I've still conflicted about and I still wish I had more answers to to these questions, but Stanton really believed that Jefferson Davis. The president of the confederacy was responsible for the attacks against our country on April fourteenth. And as I stepped deeper and deeper into the history of all this. There were just a lot of things that I soon to be true. I think I think the average person probably thinks John Wilkes booth was alone gunman. Right. Well, turns out he wasn't. It turns out that booth had a gang of conspirators. It turns out that Lincoln wasn't even the only government official to be attacked on April fourteenth. The secretary of state was also attacked by one of booths conspirators he was stabbed almost mortally secretary of state's William Seward. He nearly died that night there were also there was also an attacker who allegedly went after Andrew Johnson. And there's even some facts that that point to Edwin Stanton being a target as well. So it's just you know, the story is always a little bit more complicated than than we think it is. But Edwin Stanton really truly believed that the Jefferson Davis was responsible that the confederacy was responsible and that by extension the south as a whole was responsible and in the military, tribunal of booths conspirators Stanton really set out to make that case to the American people because Stanton believed that, hey, listen, if the south is responsible for these attacks than than a policy of leniency, which is what Andrew Johnson wanted apo-. Policy of amnesty or pardon to the south is impossible. And so this question of well was Stanton. Right. Or was he wrong is one of those things that we just won't. We can't ever know the answer to certainly there's evidence that points in both directions him being right and him being wrong. But it's just one of those mysteries that we're never going to know the the real truth of one of the fascinating things about eighteen sixty five is the use of actual historical documents when when it's appropriate the the podcast is littered with with actual telegrams. And in particular newspaper articles from the period. And what strikes me is that they are as rancourous hand full of language that we would expect from today's editorials. They are they're no better than anything. You would hear on Huffington Post or Fox News.

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