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Is a new Roman rates good morning what it does no worries it we are so excited with WrestleMania being announced for Los Angeles for two thousand twenty one and I guess our question is what makes an LA show different for WWE WrestleMania when you come out here and do we show is electric what why do you guys like LA so much I I think you know I mean just with the history of entertainment here the energy out here but I know especially over the past years so you know just partnered up with fox I don't know it just it feels like LA is becoming like a second home force New York is always been you know traditional and you know they're out our our professional wrestling sports entertainment history but our our hope you know where where it all goes down for us but I really feel like there's a huge swing in it and it just feels right you know Hollywood LA it's been so prominent within you know entertainment and so it's W. W. we so why not bring them together and so on you know the biggest event of the year I mention this yesterday I when the news came out that we were gonna have WrestleMania thirty seven people were more excited than the thought of having the Superbowl here what is going on and the Olympics more excited about yeah and we had to pay a lot more of the Olympics little bit more yeah yes we we come out you know way better price and a far more entertaining it's a great week and then we do so much for for the city that we visit for this week but we're gonna have so many different I mean a dozen different community out reach you you know scenarios in advance a man I mean I think we average about a hundred million for economic impact each year I think over the past few years it's been one point three billion or so so I mean we just do so much and we really tie into the local communities and try to do as much as we can not to just entertain but to really give back and try to just really you know lay down roots because we're you know we don't just do WrestleMania only we we come to the LA area all the different markets across the you know across the country quite a few times a year so we we don't have an all season and we are constantly performing you're around so it's very important for us to be able to not only just Cummins what's on entertainment to really make an impact you know whether it's through a you know the economic side of it or or just helping through you know the Chernobyl Sir it's important that we leave our fingerprints you know on the the concerns that we get to visit no WrestleMania thirty seven is March twenty eighth twenty twenty one at so fi stated you have any idea what's going to happen there there's so what what he's a four time main eventer at WrestleMania he's coming off of a feud with Baron Corbin that involves dog food so much so much who is a gross dog food fetishist we figured stand I guess what I'm asking a little thing and he where are we going for WrestleMania who are your eyes on Roman what yeah in April in Tampa who do you want yeah well I mean with the a huge opportunity for the guys on SmackDown the fact that drew McIntyre picked Brock Lesnar zero you're mad about that's kind of the the the key to the whole situation here drew McIntyre he beat me and finished off the royal rumble by eliminating me yeah and he chose rock listener for his match so that leaves Bray Wyatt the fiend wide open I guess he's fighting Goldberg now out and out in the yeah and I will have to go from there but I mean and let's go over just comes in and of the impossible yeah yeah hopefully the fifty five year old take him out that that's a looking for it could happen all a room and I've had some issues with you in the past I I might I might to boot you but here is my issue yeah your baby face yeah you sell a ton emerge kids love you I need you to do he'll turn for twenty twenty one to ask it's a lot to ask but I need it in my life and I really believe you'll be happier how do we make this happen well that's what I don't know what you just so maybe I okay hand so space pirates bad yeah it's where I'm a great guy I want to be that of all the work somebody that's like do it if I want to be nice about having a great day want to smile I do that to me I'm not just a character on the ceiling and that's what I want to trade all the emotions under the sun only letter let me love lot of man hours later yeah lawyers exactly okay what will most yeah okay I get it I'm sorry your mad at me no no no no it as a baby say we can do all kinds of bad stuff to go right I wrecked shop I read shop almost every other week more about wrecking okay I jumping and here's the thing with with with the women's division in WW really taking off recently Rita Ripley's fighting Charlotte flair Sheena bays are taking on Becky Lynch is there anyone NXT that you'd want to fight not sure members wish to buy two medical too much blood and then an ambulance was stolen by the man what is happening over there you guys specter's crazy rations which is run and shoot run roughshod over there but yeah I mean the girls very the women they they they're incredible you know I mean and and it was such a pleasure for me I was absent at the time kind of working on me in miles and just to see Becky all the women I mean Americans or whatever and then just been over the past year yeah let's let's backtrack a little bit I mean our women have been killing it for almost a full decade I mean I started down and developmental with a lot of these girls and we I mean we put in a lot of hard work that nobody ever saw so I think that's kind of what it all sorts back to is you know just a passion that they had to be the very best of not just compete with them their own division are you here all the time back is calling out everybody you know she's here to be number one and I think that's the most important thing I mean I I feel the same way about myself when you find yourself you know orbiting the top of the mountain you have to have that the supreme confidence when women should we we have your street about I'm cool just so you're afraid about I'm cold so big deal now well lord talk about left field and you try to make somebody famous when I'm with Roman about about the way I want so many I I well I like the idea of these younger sort of guys trying to take their crown I just I like the idea your up to reach up really I am with this for all the they come in and almost full archery the same snack you glass ring you have to bring a change of clothes you know flat you have to bring a change of I graduated magna **** laude take turns and I hello for we're so happy at your back so happy that you're healthy we're coming on a year since you returned how are you Feelin I feel great so very blessed America cannot you know I mean it is she's been such a roller coaster year but I mean when it comes down to it I just ordered was fun I'm just so thankful to god so to be able to you know put me back in and to this position and and just make everything normal for me I'm I'm just you know I just feel very blessed to be healthy just to be able to participate to be in the ring at all jokes aside the madam go just be in the ring with what you're talking about that that's a blessing to be able to interchangeable to make people smile have the impact to change the date so just got since it's such a such a blessing to be healthy interested to be able to live out my life in and do the things that I love we love Roman reigns van and WrestleMania WrestleMania thirty seven is March twenty eight twenty twenty one at so by stadium and I assume tickets are going to go on sale yeah this suit they have a press conference today I think when it tells you yeah but I everything's coming soon man to come out come in the studio when you're back in LA do absolutely this package where it could be that hard work will work well all right away so that will be good they throw.

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