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Mickey Rourke all celebrating birthdays with you today. Now, you're gone, but not forgotten BB king who passed away two thousand fifteen did we win by the way, any of our games over the weekend. Glad you're here. Let's get into the jets. All right. So here's how the picks win over the weekend on Friday before we left here. We did our picks. Danielle you me again end Garrett, we all chose the giant rat. Right. Obviously. We all know what happened giants lost to the Cowboys yesterday. It was really at twenty two thirteen. They lost manning sacks six times and a fumble. That is the story. It was really ugly. Then we all chose the jets. No one thought the jets are gonna lose to the Miami Dolphins Allah's ridiculous. They lost twenty to twelve. Sam darnold had done to picks. Leading us. Got us so excited that we have your next is the Cleveland Browns. They played this Thursday night next up for the giants. The giants are gonna play the Texans in Houston one o'clock on Sunday. Good luck with that. All right. So here's where everything differs, okay? So you and I went on a limb, and we took Rutgers over chances with your heart. We did we send our heart. And we are you are you stunk up the joint. Here's lost fifty five fourteen. Jared was the only one. We do. Yes carries. The only one that said Rodgers will lose again.

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