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Saturday's home and garden program brush in part by the the sales corporation construct renovate restore its miss jailers Pat Sullivan here along with any Smith we are here at Solomon hardware and garden seventy first in keystone and we are here to support the Alzheimer's association and bring awareness on the some of the opportunities that they have to help out the Alzheimer's association so we do a big fundraiser for the longest day but we're also today we are giving ten percent of our Christmas tree sales to the Alzheimer's association so that amount is up to a hundred and forty four dollars right now so that will be all day long will tallied up so if you're needing a new Christmas tree we have the state's largest selection about a hundred seventy different trees from to foot the fourteen foot tall we actually have a sixteen foot tree as well the one that's down at the India museum about thirty four that was thirty foot the one that we walk under the that is a cool tree yeah the school where the that made special for them so but anyway so even need a sixteen foot that's just so big we didn't put it up but it's so we can show the fourteen and you just go nuts to feel called to talk oh my goodness so but anyways and then also salute give do you also get a twenty five dollar gift cool up there goes the prize will could catch some people wasn't too bad you can tell Indian Russell that woman she will break your arm you know we're never we're never going to be confused with the wheel of fortune no we're never so twenty five dollar gift card to the house is a little gift for coming in and buying a tree and helping out the Alzheimer's association and you're going to get a great Christmas tree you know what I always tell people why are trees are better number one they're the best quality they have the best lighting system but the most important thing we fix them all that's right yeah that's rob bloom we always tell people don't work on your tree because then you're just mad when you come in just bring us the peace that is really good yeah a light problem that's just our trees don't start hauling trees in here we get people to bring entries a bottom line it's like we don't have those parts to fix them plus we have you know that's pretty funny I don't forget it don't work on it regularly yeah I'd be man that's what you get you get us I what I hated was the do it yourself plumbers the guys that would always try to fix it and then about Saturday night about nine o'clock could throw the town the say to hell with there's some call a plumber so our emergency.

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