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Bet it. And if Canada wins, I will happily happily lose my money there. Good for you. Well, we can't abort our normal competition. That's the National Football League. So abs, you want to drill down a little bit on Green Bay Philadelphia. I'm just not betting on Green Bay anymore. So I will go just flat Philadelphia at home. So I think the eagles are going to win this one and you want to get your bed in first abs before race starts teasing and twisting and or do you want to hear him? Well, I'm going to take just the straight under 46 and a half in this game. I think the eagles have come back down to earth a bit. I think you've got a proud team and the Green Bay Packers look a total with Aaron Rodgers and this Philly offensive 46 and a half. It might be, I might be kidding myself here, but I don't want to lay a touchdown with Philly and I don't know that I trust Green Bay to cover, so my options start to fall away and I'll just take under 46 and a half. That'll be my play. Well, you really Beacon of positivity there. So I'm going to I will tease again because last I checked me standing strikes. I think I'm still at the top of the heap, right? Yeah, I think what are you 6 and two? Yeah, something like that. Yeah, so I'm going to tease Green Bay or peace Philly down to a half. And I will take the under as well. So I believe that's 52 and a half now. Is it not out? 52 and a half. Yeah. So that will be my best. And I think winner winner chicken dinner. I think that's a winner. I think the total is going to fall around 48 49. So you're able to win and I still lose. So that's right. And you're right. I am a Beacon of positivity because the first two days of the World Cup, I was crushing it. I was doing really well. Also, I went to the leafs game Monday night where they, you know, I felt like they dominated the islanders. They fell behind, got really good odds on them at the intermission hammered the leafs. You know, I never bet on the leafs and they end up losing the game and over it. So I've not had a good week. So positive positivity, not my strong suit. Let's see if maybe I can do a little reverse psychology and get out of it. All right, buddy. Well, we'll send some good mojo your way for the weekend because it's going to be a fun one. And we'll check back with you again on Tuesday. Sharers fellas, ray enjoyed Germany, huh? Thanks, you bad app. All right, it is time for ask gray and Riggs anything and you can hit us up on our social channels if you choose that's Twitter that's Instagram. It's at ray and drags are on the website. Ray and dregs dot com. Ray, we've got something interesting here. Episode 18. And kind of exciting, you know? Like a merchandise. We've got ray and drag's time. And look, you know, we haven't reached the plateau yet where we would feel comfortable in trying to sell the merchants. I mean, who's kidding who? I'm not sure we could sell it. Who would buy it? So we're going to give it away. Let's give it away. Yeah. It's great. Sounds like shirts. Hats. We've tested the quality. We've got some good stuff. Who's kidding us? Here's the one thing people won't know is the logo has to get through the drager production line and that's a fair point. It's a pretty tight, pretty tight deal over at the dragger house, man. It can be from time to time. Well, you know what? I've got a 23 year old to 21 year old and style conscious, I think, is a good way to describe their taste. So you're going to pick your favorite question and will send the individual a shirt hat, whatever we've got. And then I'll pick one. How's that? Well, do it that way. Okay, sure. So you're asking, right? You're asking. And then we'll pick it because I'm wondering, yeah, no, no, hold on. I'll ask, but it looks as I peruse Instagram right now in the newest questions being submitted, Sean Edwards, buddy. Yes, don't I'll give him a shirt or I'll kick him in the shins, one of the two. Okay, okay, okay. Well, all right. Well, let's talk about Ryan B white from Instagram. Ryan's getting assured her at. Question, if you could have played any sport professionally other than hockey, what would it have been? And I know the answer to this. So I know what you are going to say. I would say I would say for most of my life, I would have been a second baseman for the Red Sox. That would have been, oh, I would have loved to have done that. Lately though, I think I'd rather be a pro golfer. I have never been more committed or bit by the bug than I am of late. Maybe it's just getting older and I'm like, jeez, those bases are four. I'm not going to run over there. But baseball's baseball has been my favorite sport. Most of my life. Okay. I'm not surprised by that because I thought you were going to say baseball. So I'm glad that you lumped them both in. I would say golf, only because I was a way better golfer as a younger guy. In my probably from about 20 to 20, maybe even late 20s. And I was constantly in the 70s and now I'm just not, I'm just not in the sub. I'm Justin. All right, Ryan gets here, rob gray is suggesting we go to the website question. This was from Robert, the website. Hi, thank you for doing this podcast. It's hard to get hockey talk in New York. Oh, we have a found in New York, right? Robert. Thanks for being a fan. Two part question for rate. One, why do kid lines find success? Is it because they're not deferring to vets on the ice and play their games? And then there's a second part to it. Do you like your chicken parm with a chicken pounded thin or left? Very good question. I think really different, so go ahead. Kid line succeed, I think, for a couple of reasons. He's right. They don't defer to veterans. They're more comfortable with the guys they're playing with that are all the same age. You're in the same stage or your career, you're trying to make a mark, another reason would be that you're generally, if they're playing three kids together, they're either mostly on a third or fourth line. So they're not playing the other team's top players. So you have a change to be a fact of. I think all those things really matter. And it's one of the reasons I think, you know, in New York, where he's from kako and la vernier and he played so well in the playoffs together. He felt really comfortable playing with each other. As for the chicken parm, now there's got to be a little meat to it. I don't want that thing flat as a shoe leather. I want a little, I don't want to pound it then no, no, I let the ratio of cheese to sauce. It's the whole deal. Yeah, yeah. Now, are there different versions of authentic chicken parm? We should have butcher grass on to talk about this. Because I've had different versions, right? And I don't know which one's authentic. I've had the grilled chicken parm. So a nice chicken breast. And then it's covered in cheese and the tomato sauce and everything that goes into it. It's a breaded chicken breast. If I'm having chicken salad, if I'm having chicken parm, I want it, I want a breaded, I want it, you know, you know. The grilled chicken parm knots, that doesn't get it done. It's a good meal. I'll still eat it. Do you have a noodle noodle preference? Is there a noodle preference? Is it linguine? Is it spaghetti? What is it? Probably spaghetti. Probably spaghetti. For me, I will say we did have the other day at home for my birthday, which is in August, but anyway, we had a pasta chef. Come to our house so you, he came and showed us how to make pasta for our family. So we were making it.

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