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It's a live right now and I'm always looking out for you buddy thank you I guess I'm going to go to any it's unclear whether we have with this my kids and and I've never taken my kids on a scale well let's take a look good baseball this year I look at you now you're you know you're selling tickets I like Bob Melvin I'm gonna go to unease game all right do you want to go down the breeding Ruffalo wrote on the other side I mean I don't know traffic on the from start to get nervous about no on proposition B. Brady Chilton auto body traffic desk northbound ET into Oakland very tough right now there was an earlier crash in Fifth Avenue and we're now in recovery mode that means a bumper to bumper traffic from two thirty eight all the way up to Fifth Avenue meantime the southbound Nimitz drive is typically slow out of the the San Lorenzo area from two thirty eight in pockets all the way to two thirty sevenths also in the South Bay your north bound to eighty commute flows through downtown San Jose from one on one hand that that will pretty much stay below the speed limit to two foothill expressway we've had so many metro delays earlier switch issue via inbound subway service is going to be delayed but the switch issue has been repaired and we're backed up in the maze and slow in the San Francisco because of an earlier stall on the bay bridge I like Bob Melvin I'm gonna go to unease game the city's Murph and mac stream us on KNBR dot com through your smart phone or desktop we are east sports leader ExtraHop is the cyber security company that modern enterprise businesses rely on to secure the cloud security threats can come from anywhere but extra is everywhere with extra your business can detect threats in the cloud up to ninety five percent faster automated response of thirteen stop bad actors before they reach their target ExtraHop has the only cloud native approach providing three hundred and sixty three visibility and continuous protection across your entire enterprise.

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