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Well minus the cool part yes we'll have still hot conditions but. The air will be a little drier so slightly lower humidity for areas north and south of the. Lake but, still hot in the, low to, mid ninety s channel. Four meteorologist Carl arredondo's dryer forecast is on the way guilty on at least some charges for former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort CBS news special report former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort has been. Found guilty on, some of the eighteen counts against him in his federal tax and Bank. Fraud trial CBS's Steve Dorsey in, Washington to break down the. Partial verdict fill after deliberating for four days the jury has found Paul Manafort. Guilty on eight of the eighteen counts. He faced, of, those guilty counts five dealt with tax fraud, one with failure to disclose A foreign Bank account and two with Bank fraud a mistrial was declared on ten. Others Manafort, could be sentenced to, years in, prison the judge also. Asked the six male and six female jurors if they want to be publicly identified they unanimously said they do not want their identities released meanwhile manafort's attorneys must also prepare for another trial set to. Begin next month, in federal court in the district of Columbia on charges stemming from this. Special counsel's investigation Bill CBS's Steve, Dorsey in Washington CBS news, special report I'm Bill Rakoff Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Today announced he's pleading guilty to similar charges with the prospect of doing three years. In jail depending on his level of. Cooperation with investigators a West Bank Catholic schools. Hair policy is creating controversy and getting national attention after a. Student was sent home because the school, says her hairstyle violated the school's hair code video that. Went, viral after being posted online shows the tearful child leaving Christ the king school in Tarrytown the family claims the school never made the hair policy clear to them and today some parents told WWL, TV they, didn't think. It was right Able to let the school the way. She wanted to come to school A younger made to cry and like what is she going to do tomorrow I don't understand archdiocese of New Orleans says. The policy was communicated to parents at least twice before the school year, began. Some Catholics around the country are saying these sexual abuse uncovered by eight Pennsylvania, grand jury is not isolated, to the diocese in that, state. More from reporter Brett bloom in Saint Louis Missouri and Kansas victims attorney Rebecca Randall, says she conducted her own. Follow up in the wake of the Pennsylvania report and the numbers were astounding we have over two hundred and thirty priests that we know it had been, sexually abusive in this area. Spoke during a press conference with several abuse survivors, including sixty two year old Tom Viana Spiritual psychological inside, Brett bloom four CBS news, Saint Louis With, only a few doctors signing up to dispense medical marijuana Louisiana regulators are considering. Whether to change the rules limiting how many cannabis patients each doctor can, treat the head of Louisiana state board of medical examiners which Seth. Those rules says Kerr limits of one. Hundred medical marijuana patients per physician. Could be boosted higher now the latest from Wall Street I'm Bruce Vale with w wwl first business. News brought to you by home Bank stocks closed higher again today though. The gains were trimmed somewhat late in the trading session the Dow Jones industrial average gained sixty three, points to close at twenty. Five thousand eight twenty two the NASDAQ composite rose thirty eight. Points the s. and p..

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