K., Virginia, New Jersey discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


For violations jury belt K. we knew sweeping now being blamed for sixteen deaths and more than a dozen states health officials in both Virginia and New Jersey announcing deaths on Tuesday from a vaping related illness the CDC announcing last week it was aware of more than eight hundred vaping related long illnesses across the US and one American territory many of those have been lit tied to the black market THC cartridges Colorado Democrat congresswoman Diane the gatt will unveil bipartisan legislation today aimed at substantially reducing the cost of insulin she says prices of more than quadrupled since two thousand six and that impacts tens of millions of people around the country with diabetes many of whom can no longer afford the medication to get will make the announcement this morning from her Denver office parks and wildlife officers are looking for a couple of guys suspected of poaching a bull elk in Moffett county last week the three hundred and six by six bull elk is. considered a trophy alcon was poached from one of the most highly coveted areas game unit to for most hunters it can take twenty five years to get enough points to draw a bull elk license in this unit CPW looking for a great early nineties four and a half ton truck with mud flaps and an extended cab Cathy Walker K. away news the Douglas county school board met last night to her parents and students who say Douglas county school district coaches are bullying girls fox thirty ones Michael kind of plastic was at that meeting gathering outside Douglas county school district headquarters girls and their parents hope for action and change I just couldn't take it an organization called the bully recovery resource center tells us parents and students from Doug coe chaparral.

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