Putin, Donald Trump, Brad discussed on NBC Meet the Press


When i came to do president by challenges here at home. A new democratic compromise on voting rights to seem the discussion moving four get some promised filibuster from republicans equally unacceptable totally inappropriate hall. Republicans oppose partisan framework on infrastructure. I think it's your courage and people are still talking could lose support from progressive democrat. This is as not climate. Nobody can president biden gender through this closely divided congress. My guests this morning. Senator bernie sanders and rob portman of ohio. Plus after the summit tone of the tire was good positive. President biden bladder mayor. Putin take the measure of each other. This is not about trust. This is about self interest and verification so putin deflects evidence of russian cyber hacking both leaders say they hope for a better relationship. I'll talk to a trump and obama. Russia visor hill. About how we'll know whether this summit was a success and for the third time obamacare survives the supreme court chow. Cream court has just ruled. Aca year to stay signaling. The likely end of the republicans decade-long efforts to kill him joining me for insight and analysis. Our washington post white house bureau chief ashley parker democratic pollster cornell belcher pbs newshour chief correspondent noice and republican strategists. Brad welcome to sunday. It's meet the press from nbc news in washington the longest running show in television history. This is meet the press with chuck. Todd good.

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