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I shot like that again my teeth would fly down most would be with us okay let them do it the one that that the US she covers her mouth and giggles she's only got about forty that flood was likely caused when an unstable lake formed on the local place here it's cold altered and when that like bus it cause flash flooding across northern packs down with three great mountain ranges mate the Himalayas the Hindu Kush of the Karakoram residents have long relied on the seven thousand glace is nestled here for their livelihoods they treat them like living beings but now the melting foster than ever before the shrinking about half of them forming on stable lakes at least thirty might bust the main driving factor is global warming that's David Mauldin he's the director general of the International Center of integrated mountain developments it focuses on these ranges we got some of the best glaciologist together from the region looking at what's happening to the glaciers he says the mountains a heating up faster than the plains below if we stick to the present emission trends will lose two thirds of our glaciers we wanted to see what a shrinking Lacy looks like so we scrambled up a nearby mountain to see the old have chalazia places can be black or white the old that is black because of all the rock and dust and dirt and suit it has absorbed how we just climbed up let me tell you what we can say Hey there's a ravine that black thing is the glaze scea Hey so with me is not the in the guide what was it before this chalazia the aggression was there now is almost around fifty meters big listed a shrinking and residents are taking action to adopt in the how to valley they're preparing for the next big flood well because of preparing a pause so because can reach this area to clear debris foster therefore find parts of the river bank to prevent the next flood from washing away more lands in all the villages folks planting trees to slow down flash floods they're also installing only monitoring systems one village Coleman is waiting for the wind to fund a supporting role to block the path of Iglesia that threatens to flood and wash them away a resident Russian he's only got one name says in some villages with Iglesias of dried up they're trying to grow new ones using a local technique the matting process the mating process he says they might male and female glaces inflation grafting you must have male and female last year the glaciers which is which is covered by mark on other materiel status man the glaciers which is clean that is he says residents collect hundreds of pounds of laci lice and transported to a shady mountainside with I hope it will take root and form a new place yeah so it's like you could planted and it will grow if Google reading five scientists I spoke to say there's no proof that it works but it shows how desperate residents saw and that confused like final that farmer in the house to valley I think maybe start a lot more CV says she's unsure full the efforts to lessen the severity of the next level work Justin to look out for one two level she says she's not sure if it's worth staying on the land if she has to live in fear of it do you have date NPR news the hot shoe valley and you're listening to weekend edition from NPR news one is this year's breakout performances in an American movie was by a Chinese actress she made her U. S. debut in the film the fare well playing a grandmother whose family doesn't want to tell her she has cancer here she is teaching her granddaughter played by Aquafina how to do tai chi hold on hold on although there's already buzz for Joe should gin and Thursday she was nominated for an independent spirit award here is NPR's on the lead the buckle we find Joshua Jennette glitzy holiday party at the art deco sunset tower hotel among the gas sipping cocktails eating orders and taking in the city views are actors Adam Sandler Willem Dafoe and the new Batman Robert Pattinson likes to gin all of these stars that in the studio a twenty fourth party were nominated for spirit awards and there's talk of more accolades to con very colorful there's a lot going on through her Mandarin interpreter she Jen says this is her first Hollywood party actually her first time.

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