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Politics areas sort of life in the city and and the environs right 'cause new york city was not necessarily the most robust and booming place right there was also the the macroeconomic inflation and all kinds of interesting economic issues going on at the time and and also to just the the geography right because i you know you you say you came to the cosmos late and your your first taste of an actual professional game was at giant stadium where they had played for a bunch of years but i think it's it's lost on people outside the new york metro area just how you know expansive obviously the geography of the new york metro environment is and then the role of giants stadium right which is this in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven seventy eight was essentially this brand new state of the art sparkling seventy almost seventy seven thousand seat stadium in the new jersey meadowlands which yeah it's on the map it's in the metro area but you know if you live and grow up in in new york city area right public transportation effectively meant a car right which is not public transportation for a whole lot of people in the new york metro area so maybe a little background into sort of the new york city experience and and i guess the the the little dribbles of understanding of what this soccer thing was all about that even lead you to make that big journey if you will to get the giant stadium for the first time yeah we'll transportation was a big thing i mean with my family my mother had a car for you know from the early seventy.

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